Encroaching Senility?

FOR POSTING: Current Medal Evaluation

October 19, 2016

The valuation is based on a 2015 valuation by Mattey Buyers – a third of the Nobel Prize each for the Meldola Medal and Harrison Memorial Prize. The Nobel Prize is currently eight million Swedish kronor or £736,000 pounds at today’s exchange rate. So each medal is valued at £245,333, a total of £490,666. The other medals in the collection are estimated at about £50,000.”

Ron, do you know what day it is? The year? Who is the current Prime Minister? Try to remember these three items: soap, water, razor. Now, don’t you remember that you have already tried to auction those medals? Nobody was interested. Do you not remember that? You also tried to sell your papers on Ebay, with a starting-price in the millions. Nobody was interested. Have you forgotten all of that? Can you remember the three items that we asked you to memorize earlier? Can you not recall those either? Hmm, is your carer nearby …? 


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