Set in Stone

FOR POSTING: Hardback Version of “The Principles of ECE”

October 21, 2016

I am most grateful to my friend and colleague Dr Horst Eckardt for sending me a copy. It is excellently produced in hardback in good quality paper, 288 pages with illustrations. 2 000034 590421 0001.”

Are we to take it that the sloppy item which you posted for free on your blog has now been turned – uncorrected  – into just so much waste paper? Perhaps anyone who comes upon the printed version could check for us. For example, look for the misspellings of electro which occur in the table-of-contents, in a chapter-heading, in the text, in page headings and in the index. A quality piece-of-work, or at least one which reflects the ‘quality’ of everyone involved!


4 Responses to “Set in Stone”

  1. Aeron Fi Says:

    What say his GP Doctors and his Consultant Psychos and the Crackpotwatch Blog and Crackpotwatch Readers on his latest rant: as below. Come on all of you – give your “verdict”;-
    Dr Myron Evans
    Thoughts on Science, History, Poetry and Politics
    FOR POSTING Perfect Health
    October 22, 2016
    It is well known that a lot of mindless libel has been disseminated on the net about my health. Apparently this is part of troll activity directed against me personally because of my views on physics. These are radically new and making a tremendous impact worldwide. Apparently a few people, some of them local and wholly unscientific, don’t like ideas or impact, or achievement of any kind. So I went through a voluntary government assessment about a month ago and was found to be in perfect health. I am giving a few details which is normally confidential to me, in order to shut up the gossip once and forever. There were no impairments noted at the Government assessment, no functional restrictions displayed. My mood was stable throughout and there is no medical evidence to suggest any illness, physical or psychological. I handled papers without difficulty, displayed good eye contact and had adequate interaction with the assessor. There was no evidence of cognitive, intellect or memory impairment and I can plan and follow the route of a journey unaided. This is consistent with my medical history files and how I was able to engage with the assessor. My mental state examination results show no illness of any kind, and my visual results with new glasses about three weeks old show essentially perfect vision. I am therefore entitled to sue for U. S. style punitive damages any person who is known to have repeatedly libelled my state of health, or known to have repeatedly slandered my state of health in the presence of a witness willing to come forward. However these torts are protected by statute of limitation, and at present the policing of trolls is almost wholly ineffective. Trolls are allowed to terrorize the internet. I have had my car damaged, and my family and I have been in receipt of vicious, anonymous hate mail for over twenty years, recently in receipt of criminal activity. This society reminds me of totalitarianism, anyone could be branded as an enemy of the people and anonymously denounced. It is hard to believe that this is Wales, with its traditions of toleration and radical thought. That professional scientists should sink to this level is wholly reprehensible, however there are very few of them and they have faded into total obscurity. Libel in science violates the traditions of several hundred years. That a local or county councillor should indulge in this conduct is very dangerous, and much stronger controls on them are needed. I can prove that Clydach Health Centre was approached in this way by “the council”, I do not know which one, or by whom. Medical ethics prohibit any further information being given, but it can be obtained under sub poena (under punishment of contempt of court). I should think that such conduct is the criminal offence of stalking and harassment, combined with false accusation (perversion of the course of justice). Then it is a matter for the police. In great contrast my international scientific reputation could not be stronger, in fact stronger than ever. I am in perfect health because of mens sana in corpore sano, because of self discipline.

    Myron Evans
    (Dr. M. W. Evans, Gent., Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales)
    Co President AIAS, (,

    Arglwydd Glyn Tawe a Gw^yr

    cc Trustees, Newlands Family Trust
    Prime Minister’s Office (in my capacity as Civil List Pensioner)
    M. P. Gower,
    Police Commissioner and South Wales Police

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  2. Aeron Fi Says:

    Calling himself – Arglwydd Glyn Tawe a Gw^yr – this bit is a blatant deluded untruth.
    For non-Welsh readers he is claiming the titles of – LORD OF GOWER – which an ancient title, one of many real titles, held by His Grace the Duke of Beaufort of Badminton, Gloucestershire, who is a real genuine feudal relic and not a Crackpot pretend Scientist.
    As for the other one – LORD OF THE UPPER SWANSEA VALLEY – I do not think I’ve ever heard of that feudal title. He must have invented it in his laboratory.
    YES IT IS ALL DELUDED UNTRUTHS. It is becoming a pantomime farce. Can non-British Crackpotwatch readers look up the meaning of PANTOMIME.
    YES IT IS ALL DELUDED UNTRUTHS. What do his Doctors call him? Any answers?

  3. Aeron Fi Says:

    Questions to him, as we know he reads Crackpotwatch:-
    Is falsely claiming title to two Lordships compatible with claiming to be a Bevanite Socialist and / or a Luddite?
    Are such weird delusions compatible with mental health?

    Question to Crackpotwatch:- Can you answer the above questions for him if he refuses to answer?

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