Electrifying … Not!

Plasma and modern cosmology

October 27, 2016

Agreed in a sense because of triple unification of electrodynamics, gravitation and fluid dynamics with ECE2. There is no longer any philosophical difference between electrodynamics, gravitation and fluid dynamics. The moving frame of paper UFT360 just posted is spacetime itself, (aether or vacuum). The plasma universe goes back many years but now we are seeing how it is structured through a unified field theory.”

So Ron has finally bought-in to the major branch of pseudoscience known as the ‘Electric Universe’.


This nonsense was thought up by people who simply cannot comprehend that the universe is structured by gravity, even though the latter is some


times weaker than the other fundamental forces. This will make Ron a junior partner however because former AIAS loony, Dunging-Davies, is one of the ringleaders.  Perhaps that is why Ron agrees only ‘in a sense’.


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