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October 28, 2016

No I have adopted the rule that if people send me off topic articles out of the blue I send them out to the group, especially when they make no attempt to apply ECE theory or even to refer to it, when essentially every one else in the scientific world knows about the new avant garde physics. The group is not obliged to read this stuff because by now it is made up of world leading scientists and engineers of integrity. Posting of this type of article on the blog does not mean I approve of it. The blog is a diary, or record of daily events. I am not a creationist but know Genesis 1.1 “Yn y dechreuad y creodd Duw y nefoedd a’r ddaear”. This is the first book of Moses known as Genesis. It is obviously prose poetry, not literal. I have every respect for genuine piety but that should not be based on a literal interpretation. There is also Ioan 1: “Yn y dechreaud yr oedd y Gair, a’r Gair oedd Duw, a Duw oedd y Gair.” Hawking is a creationist, which is why big bang was devised. It is scientific nonsense. Yn y dechreuad yr oedd Hawking, a’r Gair oedd Hawking, a Hawking oedd y Gair.” why should the universe have a beginning?”

Haha. As if that were the only loony website that Ron has brought to the attention of the ECE ‘scholars’. It is so rarely that anyone outside of the ‘Acquired Idiocy Asinine Society’ contacts him, that he is pathetically grateful for any crumb of comfort from the outside world. And now he thinks that Hawking is a creationist? Where exactly does Hawking date the Big Bang (a term coined by a rabid pseudoscientist by the way – what irony) to 4004BCE? On a related note, Ron, how does one render in Welsh that passage where Moses demands the ‘first go’, ahead of his generals, on any underage girls captured after a battle and after the slaughter of all of the male losers. And this is the book that is taught in Sunday school and the book that some people swear on in court? No wonder that ‘the church’ attracts so many perverts.


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