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Go For It

November 29, 2016

Proof of Ownership

November 29, 2016

To whom it may concern:
The attached map of 1917 proves conclusively that the land leased to William Newlands in 1897 was 1863b 507 on the attached map. It is 30 perches and it is absolutely clear that there was room to build two houses – numbers 48 and 50 Rhyddwen Road. In 1926 William Newlands purchased an additional 13.5 perches to the south. It has also been proven that this land was never part of the Philips Estate. The additional 13.5 perches belong to the Newlands Estate.”

You should certainly ask for an official ruling on that …


The Devil Strikes Again!

November 29, 2016

Our author-friend admits to having been a little slow off the mark this time … so that other diligent reviewer, Belial,  (nothing to do with us) got there first:



This is How to Do It, Ron

November 29, 2016

Go to this site,

scroll to the very bottom of the page … and wait. Now, is that not easier than all of your suspicious ‘scientometrics’? Let the general public see, and judge for itself, who exactly is downloading your ‘work’.

What About the Vortex Next Door?

November 28, 2016

Orbital Precession due to a Fluid Spacetime (vacuum or aether)

November 28, 2016

I have proven that a fluid spacetime or vacuum or aether produces orbital precession assuming the model r = alpha / (1 + epsilon cos (x theta)) valid for small precessions. The precession is produced by well defined values of the spin connection components due to the fluid spacetime, vacuum or aether.”

In fact, Ron has done worse than re-invent the Aether; he has re-invented Descartes’ vortices. So, Ron, having fiddled results for the Earth’s orbit by using your demented mathematics, how are you going to explain the orbital motion of the Moon. How are you going to model the tidal interactions of all three bodies?  All of your theories are like bad suits: ‘they fit only where they touch’. 

Laboratory Rats

November 28, 2016

Discussion of Evans / Morris book

November 28, 2016

I am satisfied that the experimental results are reproducible in one laboratory (that of AIAS Co President Gareth Evans) and in some cases repeatable (in the two different laboratories of Trevor Morris and Gareth Evans and also one or two other laboratories). Any results that are not repeatable and reproducible will not be used. Yet other laboratories worldwide might like to take up the rigorously objective challenge posed by the ECE theory of the Evans Morris effects, which has been intensely studied worldwide for two years or more. For example the interferometer experiment. The theory has been checked by computer algebra and in may other ways. The same is true of all the ECE papers, which amount to an example of Darwin’s evolutionary theory, thought has rapidly evolved completely away from the old physics. Similarly, ECE2 has produced severe new tests of the Dirac approximation and relativistic quantum mechanics.”

More drivel from this sad collection of has-beens, never-weres and wannabes. It is rather strange that Ceredigion County Council does not admit to having an optical laboratory. So where is Sewage performing his experiments? Is it perhaps his ‘spare room’, lavishly equipped with that laser whose quality he complained about in an Amazon review? As for Mr Morris, does he not find the exigences of laboratory management rather trying … given that he cannot read or write? Perhaps Mr Dennis Davis is on firmer ground; at least he has access to laboratory equipment. But in what sense are replications, carried out in laboratories which are probably highly fanciful, at all meaningful?  If a group of crackpots, mired in arrant pseudoscience and cut off from rational scientific intercourse, agree to misinterpret mundane optical effects as being Earth-shattering, that is not replication … that is conspiracy!

Out of Touch with the Field

November 27, 2016

“Corpuscular matter and fluid dynamics

OK thanks.”

We of course – not being scientific pariahs or amateurs – have easy access to all scientific papers. These results are indeed very relevant to fluid dynamics. But fluid dynamics has nothing to say about the vacuum. Ron has simply resurrected the old Aether theory (which has never gone away in the lunatic fringe) that was once universally believed. Unfortunately, when an experiment was performed (and then repeated again and again right up to the present time: it is now a ‘student exercise’) with the intent of detecting it, no evidence was found. Ever heard of Michelson and Morley, Ron?  The situation is slightly muddied nowadays because the Higgs field looks very much like an aether but, for various reasons, that does not perturb physicists. By the way, we await the news that somebody has provided Ron with a full copy of the paper. That person will certainly have broken the rules of some academic institution regarding copyright. Will it be the same person who did it last time? 


Fruit(-Loops) of the Poisonous Tree

November 25, 2016

Visit from Allen Meredith and Janis Fry

November 25, 2016

This is scheduled to take place next Friday morning. They hit the headlines with their work on DNA testing of the yew trees at Defynnog which I featured on this blog some time ago.The trees are about five thousand plus years old and Druidical.”

How nice it will be for Ron to have some company, even if they are mystics who are barely one step away from Da Vinci Code  madness. They will be able to compare their book projects: the mystics who can get published by non-vanity publishers, see the books being bought (rather than given away online) and receiving enthusiastic reviews rather than brickbats … compared with the loony works of a pseudoscientist who is a perpetual embarrassment to the entire country. Hey Ron, perhaps they can also tell you something about Cercis siliquastrum. That is better known as The Judas Tree.

Twisted Worlds

November 21, 2016

Example by Horst Eckardt for paper 361 – Torkado Orbit

November 21, 2016″

Because Ron has been unusually taciturn of late (has even he become tired of his own incessant BS?), it falls to us to explain this strange ‘orbit’. It is also not mentioned in Paper 361. It is in fact the brain(less)child of one Gabi Mueller; a former Soviet-bloc ‘physicist’. Like many another loony, she has become all confused about reference-frames and claims to find it significant that – if one takes account of the galactic motion of the Sun – Earth sweeps out spirals in space. It is obvious, and devoid of fundamental interest. But she has come up with the so-called Torkado orbit (a sort of Ouroboros) in order to make the mundane seem mysterious. Like Ron, she also thinks that atoms and solar systems are the same (a defunct early 20th-century analogy) and has stated that electrons have a Torkado orbit. Again we observe how all of these nutters stick together and prop each other.

Blown Away

November 17, 2016

Wind 13.8%, 4 – 23 mph, Wales 13 – 23 mph 0737 local time

November 17, 2016

The wind in the Betws area is 13 mph now, barely enough to produce any power, because the giant turbines need 7 – 9 mph to start. Thw wind industry propaganda is completely deceptive. It claimed that Wales is an area of high wind, whereas my study shows that there is very rarely enough wind even to start the Betws turbines. My study is based on the gridwatch site and met office figures. Hopefully in the future there will be a real government, one strong enough to right all these offences against the People. It is known clearly now that reduction of CO2 does not affect the climate in any way, and wind turbines are essentially useless. The standard of education is low, otherwise no one would believe the rubbishy propaganda. It does not take much education to follow a wind map.”

So what do experts, rather than Trump-style conspiracy-theorist climate-change denying fake physicists, say about this matter?   What about this report, which says that wind-power will be in the lead in less than a decade:


What bunch of money-grubbing anti-democracy oligarchs wrote this? Oh dear, Siemens. Doesn’t Siemens Stain get money from them while working for you (and the German perpetual-motion bund)? Doesn’t that mean that you are indirectly benefiting from wind-turbine research? Perhaps you should demand that Eckardt gives up his Siemens-sinecure so that his continued employment no longer undermines your ‘principles’ … or those of Siemens.

Fake Physics from the Fake Physicist

November 16, 2016

Forces due to a Rotating Frame

November 16, 2016

These are all incorporated automatically in the ECE2 field equations of gravitation and dynamics, because the field equations are based on Cartan’s general spin connection. The 1835 Coriolis velocity and accelerations are due to the rotation of a plane polar system. They have caused many students and teachers to clean around the bend, trying to understand them. They are vaguely described in many textbooks as “pseudo-forces”. ”

They are usually called ‘fictitious forces’, because that is what they are. They were conjured-up, mainly by D’Alembert, in order to simplify the mathematics associated with movement within a rotating system. They have no reality outside of the system. They cannot, for instance, be used to propel a rotating system from within … even though there exist hundreds of patent applications for devices which supposedly do that very thing. We know that Ron does not understand centrifugal force, for a start, as he once claimed that a thrown hammer moves radially away from the thrower*. Fictitious forces are therefore handy for treating an isolated rotating system but say nothing useful on the (literally) universal scale. One loony who thought that mere rotation could replace gravity altogether was of course the late and unlamented Viv Pope; another Welsh loony from the Swansea area.  He said that Newton was hit on the head not because of gravity but because the apple was ‘orbiting at the wrong height for its speed’. He almost made Ron look sensible in comparison!

“Anyone who has gone around a bend (for example a string theorist or those who have fallen in to a black hole and emerged miraculously as white haired raving maniacs) knows that they are real. This was first realized in the sixteen thirties, when correcting cannon fire trajectories. As just seen in Note 362(2a) the use of an elliptical polar coordinate system is self consistent with orbital theory, and produces new velocities and accelerations. For a long time I have realized that there is a self contradiction in the use of a plane polar system for an elliptical or conic section orbit. The latest note resolves this contradiction. Hooke obviously did not understand the Coriolis forces, neither did Newton or Leibnitz or Euler or Lagrange. The latter edged towards an understanding, finally achieved by Coriolis in 1835, long after the time of Hooke, Newton and Leibnitz. My ancestral cousin John Aubrey (online “Brief Lives” or short biographies) had no grasp of mathematics but did write the truth and was a highly intelligent man. Hooke guessed that the inverse square law gives an elliptical orbit, but neither Hooke not Newton could have proven it because they had no grasp of a rotating or moving coordinate frame.”

Newton and Hooke did not need to consider fictitious forces, because they used incremental geometrical methods; ones which were still used by students until the advent of computers. As a schoolboy, one of us used to treat the unconstrained three-body problem by means of slide-rule, ruler, pencil and acres of scrap wallpaper; such problems are unsolvable only in the analytical sense. Hooke and Newton used to challenge each other to derive orbits under all sorts of conditions … including the precession of an elliptical orbit within a hollow Earth. One of the best-known fallacies concerning the Coriolis force is that it makes draining water swirl in opposite directions in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Yes, it should … theoretically; but in practice its effect is drowned-out by other factors. The supposedly clear-cut effect is almost impossible to detect experimentally, but fraudsters on the equator make a pretty penny out of fooling tourists (such as Michael Palin) into thinking that it is easily demonstrated. Finally, we point out yet again that Ron makes no mention of tidal effects. He does not mention them because his contrived reasoning cannot be twisted that far!