Note to Newcomers

Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to 30/10/16

November 1, 2016

There was the usual intense worldwide interest, which has been steady at a very high level since about 2005, indicating complete international acceptance of the ECE and ECE2 paradigm shifts. There were visits from fourteen of the world’s top twenty universities ranked by Webometrics, Times, Shanghai and QS: Berkeley*, Cornell, Penn State*, Texas A and M*, UCLA, Washington*, ETH, Cambridge*, UCL, Princeton, Columbia, MIT, Stanford and Caltech / NASA Jet Propulsion Lab. There is a clear pattern over about twelve years of study visits by staff and students from the world’s top twenty, including all the Ivy League and Oxbridge. The attached is only about 2% of the total interest, the sector I call “universities, institutes and similar”. It is very likely that a high percentage of visits from staff and students is from private computers, so I cannot identify them. So there is a vast total readership as is well known. This means that the standard physics is thoroughly obsolete.”

Our usual readers will already know well that ‘Professor’ Myron Evans is a notorious pseudoscientist whose ‘work’ is entirely ignored by real scientists; his ‘papers’ no longer appear even in the deceptive ‘predatory’ (crackpot) journals. The newcomer may nevertheless be fooled by the above lies. So let us just point out yet again that these are not the usual (i.e. genuine) scientometrics, which are based upon citations of papers that have appeared in bona fide scientific journals. His scientometrics are simply a count of the visits to the papers ‘published’ on his own websites. As he himself mentions, only 2% of the visits can be construed as denoting informed scientific interest: the remainder are from other well-known crank sites, plus sites which ‘push’ loans, tickets, gambling and pornography; i.e. they can best be termed ‘spamming sites’. Their visits to his websites are clearly random and accidental, and there is no rational reason to believe that the visits from ‘academic’ browsers are any less accidental and meaningless. In other words, his entire ‘success’ is illusory. Nobody was fooled by Volume One, so why bother with volume 2?

Why, by the way, does the ‘product description’ say that Ron is ‘Professor of Physics at York University, Toronto, and is renowned for his work in molecular dynamics and broad band spectroscopy’ and then goes on to mention a dead academic who has nothing at all to do with the … ugh …’book’?  Is this a reflection of the incompetence of the publisher, or of Amazon?


2 Responses to “Note to Newcomers”

  1. Aeron Fi Says:

    GOOGLE Moron’s Butty – Colonel Sir Arthur Edwin Turner Thomas VC ; KG; Gc; DSO etc etc..
    How do they do it?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We have asked various authorities. Provided that it is not done in the furtherance of fraud or other criminal activities, the powers-that-be are helpless. This is why, presumably, ATT dropped all of his titles when he organised a folk concert some years ago and – allegedly – had it away on his toes with the proceeds.

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