Good Riddance

John Bedini

November 7, 2016

Condolences to his wife and family, I think that the work of these pioneers has come to fruition in the last decade.”

We hate to be uncharitable … but some people just do not deserve charity. Just in case anyone has not ‘got it’ yet: we abhor crackpots … with a vengeance. They take science (and particularly physics), the only thing which truly advances the human species, and they distort it for their own nefarious ends. We have one regret … why could it not have been John Searl or … 


4 Responses to “Good Riddance”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    His wife and family are still as worthy of condolences as the next next of kin. What irks you is that Ron is offering his wishes in an instrumental and ultimately self-serving manner – elevating the deceased to the status of notable benefactor of mankind. Ron’s remark that he thinks the work has come to fruition is a bizarre negation of obvious reality.

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