Suggested Monograph by Steve Bannister: “The Second Industrial Revolution”

November 9, 2016

I am very pleased to hear this, judging by your excellent Ph. D. Thesis (posted on it will be a very interesting book worthy of publication by the best publishing houses in economics. I will certainly be pleased to post a preprint on and I am sure that Sean MacLachlan will be pleased to post on we would ensure a much larger readership than any book publisher, however distinguished, and your work deserves to be read around the world.”

Isn’t that touching? The Dismal Scientist actually believes that Chemical and Engineering News is a ‘respected journal’. It is only a trade magazine! Such ‘shop-floor’ rags are notorious for spreading pseudoscience, due to the poor quality of their employees. For instance, Engineering commented favorably on Searl’s brother getting  public funding for his (i.e. his brother’s) magnetic motor. Eureka enthusiastically backed Shawyer’s pathetic Emdrive antigravity machine and Electrical Review supported the contention (of a friend of Eric Laithwaite) that there are three types of magnetism: they even made it the ‘cover story’. The layman really must learn that ‘not everybody is on the same page’ where ‘science’ is concerned. Physicists alone can be trusted to know what is going on.


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