Business as Usual

Energy from Spacetime Circuits: Replication

November 9, 2016

This is a very important development and will eventually form the basis for the second industrial revolution, during which power stations will emerge based on this type of circuitry. In my opinion governments worldwide should fund this type of work and develop these power stations with the utmost speed and with all despatch. They will make all current formats of power generation obsolete, including of course, wind turbines. The beauty of nature can be given back to the People and the wildlife safeguarded from extinction.”

Crackpots always ‘replicate’ the work of other crackpots … because nobody else will. When Faraday first reported electromagnetic induction, some equally eminent investigators ‘did not get it’ and tried to obtain an electrical output simply by winding wire around a magnet. They soon learned their mistake. Loonies never do; that is why a more recent one (‘Dr’ Bearden) was still trying the same magnet-wrapping thing (by now an outright scam) not too long ago and why the morons of AIAS  could provide theoretical ‘proof’.  Tell Ideotic that the simplest proof would be his household electricity bill … reading zero. Of course, Searl had such bills … but he was stealing the electricity by interfering with, or bypassing, the meter.


One Response to “Business as Usual”

  1. County Councillor Ioan Richard Says:

    I am Mr Myron Evans’ locally elected County Councillor and I have had to endure several years of defamatory comments from Mr Evans on his BLOG. The posting above talks of “replication” or plagiarism. I write local historical articles for local magazines as a hobby for no payment. Some years ago I wrote a historical article about an ancient local Church here “Eglwys Llaneithrim”. It was published in two magazines. Then sudden;y my article appeared on Mr Evans’ Blog under his name as being the author. This was an eye opener. He had copied my article and used it as his under his name onto his BLOG. This is disgusting conduct for a man who receives a Queen’s Civil List Pension. He brings the Palace into utter disrepute. I have previously challenged Mr Evans to an open public debate in the village hall, but he will not respond. In the meantime he has tried to possess the property of a young family by claiming ownership of their property next door to his home. It is time a serious campaign exposed these issues of nasty delusions. We all know he reads this Crackpotwatch Blog. So Mr Evans, what do you say in response. Put it on your Blog, that will not accept comments from others.

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