Moron by Appointment?

UFT43 Read at Cambridge

November 15, 2016

This paper, on the Faraday Disk Generator, is almost always in the top ten of most popular items on www.aias.usand has been read over thirty thousand times since it was published in 2005, the year I was appointed by the Head of Staet as Civil List Pensioner, on the advice of Tony Blair.”

No Ron, a pension is not an appointment. In fact, it is the precise opposite of a job: it is the lack of a job. Faraday, a real scientist whose memory you daily insult by being on the same list of Civil List Pensioners, was also given a ‘grace and favour’ home at Hampton Court. Not content with insulting his memory by remaining on the same list, you tell lies about his generator. It has always been a great favourite in the lunatic fringe because fringers think that it does not obey Newton’s Third Law. Therefore, they reason, this makes perpetual motion and antigravity possible. This ludicrous idea gets a great deal of ‘traction’ because those who claim this are electrical engineers and it is an electrical device, so they must know what they are talking about … right? NO. Electrical engineers are taught physics on a need-to-know basis and their only ‘tools’ for explicating induction phenomena are the simplistic flux-linking and flux-cutting rules. These do not work with certain induction phenomena. Physicists like to call electromagnetism ‘relativity at low speeds’ and this is entirely true. In fact, ‘magnetism’ does not really exist as an independent phenomenon; it is simply a way of keeping track of the electrostatic interactions of relatively moving charged objects. If one tries to explain that to electrical engineers (or school-teachers), they think that the physicist is the crank. Similarly, just try to tell an electrical engineer that static charges [must] exist around a simple circuit and he will think you mad … until their presence is demonstrated to him experimentally. It is this poor physics-understanding among electrical engineers which makes some of them leading figures in the lunatic fringe: Eric Laithwaite being perhaps the most notorious example. It is a strange fact – to those who think that special relativity is relevant only to unattainable speeds – that it is needed in order to explain ‘everyday’ electrical devices (e.g. the design of CRT TVs had to take account of it). Is that not what Ron is doing in UFT43? No, he is simply trying to make the generator look like a perpetual-motion machine by using his usual dodgy mathematics. The activities of one of the co-authors, Guala-Valverde, is interesting in this regard. He has published essentially the same (Faraday-Generator) paper in at least six places, ranging from the American Journal of Physics to Apeiron. The AJP is a dependable non-loony source whereas Apeiron is/was the go-to journal for loony-tunes. It is amusing to observe how Guala-Valverde ‘tailored’ his paper to suit the various journals: not making any wild claims in AJP, but pushing a crowd-pleasing loony viewpoint in Apeiron. 

Political Comment: with Farage aiming to become an American (has anybody considered that he might be a Russian deep-cover ‘spetsnaz’ agent charged with wrecking Western economies from within) and then to be appointed ambassador to the Court of St James, is it possible that Trump might appoint Ron (already conveniently American) as his Chief Scientist? Totalitarian governments adore pseudoscience (Stalin re Lysenkoism, Hitler re Welteislehre). Yes, one of us had a nightmare … but they have a habit of coming true these days.


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