Blown Away

Wind 13.8%, 4 – 23 mph, Wales 13 – 23 mph 0737 local time

November 17, 2016

The wind in the Betws area is 13 mph now, barely enough to produce any power, because the giant turbines need 7 – 9 mph to start. Thw wind industry propaganda is completely deceptive. It claimed that Wales is an area of high wind, whereas my study shows that there is very rarely enough wind even to start the Betws turbines. My study is based on the gridwatch site and met office figures. Hopefully in the future there will be a real government, one strong enough to right all these offences against the People. It is known clearly now that reduction of CO2 does not affect the climate in any way, and wind turbines are essentially useless. The standard of education is low, otherwise no one would believe the rubbishy propaganda. It does not take much education to follow a wind map.”

So what do experts, rather than Trump-style conspiracy-theorist climate-change denying fake physicists, say about this matter?   What about this report, which says that wind-power will be in the lead in less than a decade:


What bunch of money-grubbing anti-democracy oligarchs wrote this? Oh dear, Siemens. Doesn’t Siemens Stain get money from them while working for you (and the German perpetual-motion bund)? Doesn’t that mean that you are indirectly benefiting from wind-turbine research? Perhaps you should demand that Eckardt gives up his Siemens-sinecure so that his continued employment no longer undermines your ‘principles’ … or those of Siemens.


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