Twisted Worlds

Example by Horst Eckardt for paper 361 – Torkado Orbit

November 21, 2016″

Because Ron has been unusually taciturn of late (has even he become tired of his own incessant BS?), it falls to us to explain this strange ‘orbit’. It is also not mentioned in Paper 361. It is in fact the brain(less)child of one Gabi Mueller; a former Soviet-bloc ‘physicist’. Like many another loony, she has become all confused about reference-frames and claims to find it significant that – if one takes account of the galactic motion of the Sun – Earth sweeps out spirals in space. It is obvious, and devoid of fundamental interest. But she has come up with the so-called Torkado orbit (a sort of Ouroboros) in order to make the mundane seem mysterious. Like Ron, she also thinks that atoms and solar systems are the same (a defunct early 20th-century analogy) and has stated that electrons have a Torkado orbit. Again we observe how all of these nutters stick together and prop each other.


6 Responses to “Twisted Worlds”

  1. GwasArglwyddauGwyraGlyntawe Says:

    Hi there Mr “M” bogus Professor, Why don’t you buy a Lordship Title? See below. Far higher than a mere “Gentry”.

  2. Interested Observer Says:

    “Dear Baroness Harding,

    A compatibility problem has developed suddenly between WordPress and my computer when I use my AOL carrier. I have notified WordPress. The problem is that when I write to my blog, emyrone the title appears but the message does not appear….”

    This must be the nadir of Ron’s technical incompetence, a toe-curling letter to the CEO of TalkTalk about an issue which has precisely zero to do with her company.

    What happened? A technical problem with his WordPress site. Nothing to do with his internet provider. Zero. Zilch. So he writes its chief executive an incomprehensible rant, copying in the Prime Minister’s office and that of his local MP. And they gave this man a Civil List pension. To quote another raving incompetent, John McDonnell: “Embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing.”

  3. GwasArglwyddauGwyraGlyntawe Says:

    He is “dangerous” because idiot fools believe him. These UTTER IDIOTS include top Politicians and Buckingham Palace and the Royal Society of Chemists. They are the UTTER IDIOTS including the QUEEN!

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