Fruit(-Loops) of the Poisonous Tree

Visit from Allen Meredith and Janis Fry

November 25, 2016

This is scheduled to take place next Friday morning. They hit the headlines with their work on DNA testing of the yew trees at Defynnog which I featured on this blog some time ago.The trees are about five thousand plus years old and Druidical.”

How nice it will be for Ron to have some company, even if they are mystics who are barely one step away from Da Vinci Code  madness. They will be able to compare their book projects: the mystics who can get published by non-vanity publishers, see the books being bought (rather than given away online) and receiving enthusiastic reviews rather than brickbats … compared with the loony works of a pseudoscientist who is a perpetual embarrassment to the entire country. Hey Ron, perhaps they can also tell you something about Cercis siliquastrum. That is better known as The Judas Tree.


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