Out of Touch with the Field

“Corpuscular matter and fluid dynamics

OK thanks.”

We of course – not being scientific pariahs or amateurs – have easy access to all scientific papers. These results are indeed very relevant to fluid dynamics. But fluid dynamics has nothing to say about the vacuum. Ron has simply resurrected the old Aether theory (which has never gone away in the lunatic fringe) that was once universally believed. Unfortunately, when an experiment was performed (and then repeated again and again right up to the present time: it is now a ‘student exercise’) with the intent of detecting it, no evidence was found. Ever heard of Michelson and Morley, Ron?  The situation is slightly muddied nowadays because the Higgs field looks very much like an aether but, for various reasons, that does not perturb physicists. By the way, we await the news that somebody has provided Ron with a full copy of the paper. That person will certainly have broken the rules of some academic institution regarding copyright. Will it be the same person who did it last time? 



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