What About the Vortex Next Door?

Orbital Precession due to a Fluid Spacetime (vacuum or aether)

November 28, 2016

I have proven that a fluid spacetime or vacuum or aether produces orbital precession assuming the model r = alpha / (1 + epsilon cos (x theta)) valid for small precessions. The precession is produced by well defined values of the spin connection components due to the fluid spacetime, vacuum or aether.”

In fact, Ron has done worse than re-invent the Aether; he has re-invented Descartes’ vortices. So, Ron, having fiddled results for the Earth’s orbit by using your demented mathematics, how are you going to explain the orbital motion of the Moon. How are you going to model the tidal interactions of all three bodies?  All of your theories are like bad suits: ‘they fit only where they touch’. 


2 Responses to “What About the Vortex Next Door?”

  1. GwasArglwyddauGwyraGlyntawe Says:

    What do you mean by “next door”? Did you know today 29-11-16 that Mr Evans lost his court claim trying to claim ownership of land belonging to next door neighbours. This will probably incur him Solicitors Fees of about £4K and Barristers Fees of about £16K, at least £20,000 in court costs. Maybe the Palace will bail him out.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Interesting confluence of ideas there. WE were referring to the Descartes vortex-theory of cosmology, in which each heavenly body has its own associated whirlpool of fluence; all extended until they neighbour each other.

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