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Tough as a Coal-Miner’s Daughter

December 31, 2016

Ethnic Bias

December 30, 2016

This is an offence in common law, which is why one such incident was recently investigated by the Neath Hate Crime Unit, which expressed deep concern, and rightly so. In my opinion, a remark about being the son of a coal miner is ethnic bias. It is an offence in common law, a violation of human rights. Much of my poetry is about coal mining, they were highly intelligent people in this village. Their level of culture was much higher than that in a university department for example. My Bro Iaith policy is designed to revive the language and culture. refusal to recognize a coat of arms is an offence under the law of arms, and could be construed as ethnic bias. In fact, being raised to the Gentry is minor compared with being descended from the Princes. In the law of Hywel Dda that means that one is a nobleman or Uchelwr. This was the rank held by Owain Glyndw^r. Aneurin Bevan was also the son of a coal miner, and a coal miner himself. So were tens of thousands of distinguished people. People who make such remarks should try a shift underground one day.”

Your rant is as clear as coal-slurry Ron. Are you upset at being called the son of a coal-miner, or at not being granted your true ethnic status?  If the coal-miners were more intelligent than university staff, why did you aspire to become one of the latter rather than enjoying the poetry-readings and mathematical theorizing at the coal-face? Some minimal experimentation on the angle-of-repose of wet coal-slurry might have avoided a later disaster.  Could you not pass the coal-mine entry examinations?  We certainly think that the world of science would have benefited greatly from your being a coal-miner rather than a wannabe physicist. Did you ever try a shift underground? Is it too late”


The Relativity of Loonies

December 31, 2016

Paper from Michael Jackson

December 31, 2016

We love to see missives from No-Bubbles Jackson, because he is so clearly insane and Ron’s acceptance of his ideas makes Ron look very very bad. It was No-Bubbles who wrote a ‘paper’ claiming that ECE explains the human soul. It was also he who was interviewed by the revolting shock-jock Rancid Rense and who told that sicko that Einstein was planted (by the Rockefellers) at the Bern  Patent Office in order to undermine Tesla. He further told Rancid that Cartan and Einstein had supplied the Nazis with the information which allowed the latter to build anti-gravity aircraft (LOL). When Ron was interviewed by Rancid shortly afterwards, he did not deny any of No-Bubble’s claims. Now No-Bubbles has sent Ron a well-known ‘paper’ from the lunatic fringe. It claims that ‘gyroscopes’ (they are in fact only mono-gimballed spinning-tops)  do not obey Newton’s Third Law and therefore promise reaction-less  propulsion and UFO-style levitation. This is where a sort of ‘relativity of scientific authority’ comes in. That is, No-Bubbles and Ron and the remainder of the lunatic fringe think that such mad gyroscopic ideas are validated by being endorsed by a ‘famous engineer’ such as Laithwaite or by a ‘Boeing engineer’  like Mike Gamble. They also think that a granted patent on an invention is scientific proof. The truth is that the accepted scientific evidence instead reveals Laithwaite, Gamble and patent office examiners to be incompetent clowns. Relatively speaking, physics advances and the loonies go backwards. Of course, Laithwaite and Gamble were/are electrical engineers; a breed which is always disproportionately represented in the lunatic fringe. To be fair, one should also mention Dunging-Davies, former AIAS member and head of the rival crackpot  organization, TGA. Dunging-Davies has co-authored a book which bases a whole ‘new science of mechanics’ upon Laithwaite’s deceptive Royal Institution Christmas Lectures (the first never to be transcribed for posterity). When Dunging-Davies was awarded a worthless gong by a crackpot group, that fact was mentioned as being a good thing in the yearbook of Dunging’s university! It is rather worrying that a British university can no longer spot pseudoscientific cant.


Keep Up, Ron!

December 28, 2016

Joint Venture between ET3M and NanoLabs Corporation

December 28, 2016

This is a joint venture betweem ET3M, led by AIAS / UPITEC team member Alex Hill, and NanoLabs Corporation of Michigan. The energy from spacetime devices of Alex Hill have been extensively tested and have received industrial certification. As in UFT311 the AIAS theory can explain them precisely, but the standard model of physics cannot. As in UFT364 the circuit of UFT311 has been replicated precisely. I have nominated the team for five gold and silver medals of the Institute of Physics, partly for major discoveries such as these and their industrial implementation. I expect that such devices will rapidly proliferate at the start of the second industrial revolution, and will eventuially make fossil burning power stations and wind turbines obsolete.”


We covered this ‘joint venture’ when it was first announced.

At that time, it involved two dodgy companies. And now, it involves  … two dodgy companies.


Rogue Member

December 27, 2016

What is this?!!!


It is a paper by an AIAS member, but there are two serious problems with it. Firstly, it discusses the details of black holes but, according to the precepts of AIAS (and of associated loony, Public-Dick Crothers), black  holes do not exist. The second problem is that the author gives his affiliation as being AIAS, Budapest, Hungary. This raises an interesting question: which is the genuine operation? Is it the Hungarian group, which accepts the standard model, or the loony Craigcefnparc group which believes in perpetual-motion and anti-gravity? Does Ron have any right to use the AIAS name at all? Is he a bigger fraud than even we had imagined? We demand that Ron explain himself immediately, and provide some evidence that he is really the head of AIAS.

FFS, Give it Up!

December 27, 2016

Auctioning the Medals

December 27, 2016

I will make a steady and continuous effort to sell my medals, the next in line is Stacks Bowers which recently sold a Nobel Prize medal for $1.1 million.”

You are a nonentity: one of us was willing to pay a few thousand for them at the last auction, on the basis that they would increase in (novelty) value when you are later outed as a national disgrace. Hybristophilia is a great selling-point.

“If I do manage to sell them I can support science and Welsh language culture in Wales, and help AIAS / UPITEC in various ways. ”

You can help science for nothing … by leaving it. Stop lying about your ‘success’, stop confusing students with your crackpot theories … and stop playing the ‘Lord of the Manor’.

“My Newlands Family Trust and Bro Iaith policy are set up with this purpose in mind, to try to stop the catastrophic decline of the Welsh language in Mawrt. ”

The locals tell us that you do absolutely nothing to help that process, and even deny the existence of effective Welsh-medium education in the area.

“The asking price for the $1.1 million medal was about $100,000. For an agreed upon commission, Mullock’s might like to work to auction the medals to a knowledgeable clientele with Stacks Bowers or Christie’s which recently sold the Watson Nobel Medal for $4.76 million.”

What you really need is an ignorant clientele, which might be fooled by your lies.

“Watson has been ostracized for many years by his colleagues because of his views. Sadly this happens all too often in science. This is why he had to sell his Medal. The buyer, a billionaire, gave the medal back to Watson. He was awarded the Nobel Prize with Crick for the discovery of DNA (Watson and Crick). So I think that the valuation of my medals at about a million pounds is fair, in fact on the low side. many thanks to Mullock’s for storing them safely in their strong room. ”

Ostracized or not, he is way ahead of you. You have no value … and neither do your medals (apart from the scrap-metal value).

“The Crick Estate sold Crick’s medal for $ 2.0 million (attached). The AIAS / UPITEC team and myself have been kindly nominated for a total of ten gold and silver medals of the Institute of Physics, and for the Newton Medal, its highest award.”

Yes, ‘kindly nominated’ by one another! Why don’t you try to win one of those Telesio-Galilei gold medals that you used to praise so highly? Just imagine how proud you would feel, accepting such a wonderful gong, perhaps on the stage of the Patti theatre … ooooops!

Cheap Option

December 27, 2016

Nomination for Honorary Fellowship of the Institute of Physics

December 27, 2016

This will go in tomorrow. Then I will look at the American Institute of Physics awards, to see if other team nominations can be made.”

Oh come on, Ron, everybody knows that anyone who ‘looks good on paper’ can get a Fellowship from the IOP (or the American equivalent  … which often accepts crackpot presentations for its conferences) just by asking. The snag is that one has to pay annual fees … which is kind of the point.

Random Notes

December 26, 2016

Sharp Increase in Interest in my Essay and Poetry Readings of 2015

December 25, 2016

This is probably due to Michael Jackson’s great work in posting them on youtube. There is great interest in the poetry readings in both languages and in the poetry books.”

But the YouTube vids are little visited … just like last time.

“My work is safely archived on the wayback machine in San Francisco ( and that locality is no longer ruled by London.”

San Francisco never was ‘ruled by London’ you ignorant ‘dual citizen’ clown.



Another Year of Abject Failure

December 25, 2016

Outstanding Year for AIAS / UPITEC

December 25, 2016

The last year and a half have seen the publication of fifty papers on ECE2, and 2016 has seen the publication in hardback and softback of “Principles of ECE”, currently being read 6,426 times a year off combined sites, an outstandingly successful monograph by any standards. ”

‘Read’ is a rather elevated term for this process and, whatever else the ‘readers’ do with it, they certainly do not cite this worthless ‘book’.

“The radically new and powerful theories of fluid electrodynamics and fluid gravitation were published. ”

Ron has re-introduced the aether, quite forgetting that experiment has always failed to detect any such ‘fluid’ medium.

“The fifty ECE2 papers are being read about 33,000 times a year. Early in 2016 was made visible on the Wayback Machine, (, by Dave Burleigh, so a great amount of work is safely archived there, and also visible along with and ”

The papers are all rubbish and, again, are never cited by anybody but the AIAS gang. The Wayback Machine archives everything, regardless of value, and the records are far from complete.

“The well known circuit of AIAS Fellow Osamu Ide (explained exactly by ECE theory in UFT311) has been replicated exactly in UFT364, causing immediate international interest. I can see this as usual from the scientometrics. The Co President Gareth Evans has received many invitations to attend high level strategic meetings and conferences as a result of this major breakthrough in new energy technology by AIAS / UPITEC. ”

And Sewage will be thrown out if he dares to mention perpetual-motion machines at any non-crank assembly.

“Douglas Lindstrom has published a review of low energy nuclear reactors. ”

… and sent it to a bunch of loonies in Florida.

“Horst Eckardt, UPITEC President, and Bernhard Foltz, flew to Tokyo and replicated the Osamu Ide device exactly with completely independent apparatus. This means that such circuits can be mass produced in future after patenting. ”

So the Eckardt-Foltz machine could power the Ideotic machine, and the Ideotic machine could power the Eckardt-Foltz machine and they all lived happy ever after. Except that they didn’t because the concept is nonsense.

“Osamu Ide has sent written testimony to a House of Lords Committee on this development, and I hope that the London, Cardiff and Edinburgh Governments will fund and rapidly develop the breakthrough, otherwise they will lose out again as so often happens. ”

A lot of other cranks also sent testimony.

“The AIAS / UPITEC team has been nominated for six gold medals and six silver medals of the Institute of Physics, and from now on will be regularly nominated for relevant medals and awards. All my indicators show that ECE has arrived centre stage.”

Yes, you nominated yourselves. Big deal!

Already One Honour Too Many

December 25, 2016

Nomination for a National Honour

December 25, 2016

In response to a question from one of the AIAS Fellows it is possible to apply to become a Member of the House of Lords, the process is similar to the Civil List Pension, very rigorous we are told”

It cannot  be that rigorous in the case of the Civil List pension or you would never have got it.

“In my case it is the wrong type of appointment because I am a U. S. dual citizen”

Only in the UK; the US does not recognize dual citizenship.

“and already a Civil List Pensioner, equivalent to a Life Peer or Baron”

Lie; it is just a pension.

“and I don’t much believe in the House of Lords. However I will support the team to the utmost of my ability in written testimony and in person. ”

Good. That will sink ’em.

“The last time I was in London, my wife and I were at Buckingham Palace. If there were an Upper, Welsh speaking, House in the Welsh Assembly that could be different, but for me it would drag me away from my work. The only relevant State honour commensurate with Civil List Pensioner is C. H. or O. M. I already have the equivalent of knighthood, being a Civil List Pensioner recognized by a coat of arms. ”

Utter rubbish.

“Lloyd George, when he was a radical pushing for reform, described the House of Lords as a collection of the unemployed chosen at random, but when he became a grand old man, he became the hereditary Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor, despite being a Welsh speaking Baptist like myself. A Baptist is supposed to be a Republican and Leveller, a four hundred year old tradition.”

Lloyd George was a crook from whom knighthoods and lordships could be bought.

“There are forty eight Companions of Honour at present, the two physicists who are C. H are Hawking and Higgs, two standard modellers again. The radical new science is represented by myself as Civil List Pensioner. I got it by three side steps and a swerve. ”

No, by lies told by other plausible cranks, by an immoral ‘Royal Society’ that does  as it is told, and by the endemic pig-ignorance of science among the general public.

“There are two athletes I recognize on the C. H. list: Sebastian Coe (800, 1,500 metres) and Mary Peters (pentathlon and shot put). However George Osborne is also a C. H., so that lowers standards dramatically. I would say that if Higgs can get a C. H. with a very low h index and very few publications, anyone could get a C. H. ”

Oh Ron, it is not about quantity … it is about quality.

“The Order of Merit is chosen by Queen Elizabeth herself and there are only 25 members of the Order. The Civil List Pensioners are also chosen by Queen Elizabeth herself, but on ministerial advice. Penrose is an O. M., he is not as aimlessly dogmatic as Hawking.”

Penrose in fact  has one foot in the lunatic fringe due to his strange beliefs concerning the relationship between quantum mechanics and human consciousness.

“I have produced eight five times more publications than Higgs (attached), who was a figurehead or god father figure. I would think that the C. H. is controlled by standard modellers, but if Gareth would like to have a go at nominating for C. H., the form is attached. ”

Again Ron, it is all about quality; not quantity. One theoretical paper with experimental support is worth a thousand theoretical (and mathematically defective) papers with no subsequent experimental support.

“The Queen is ill a lot of the time, and has been on the throne since 1952. ”

And even at her best she is no physicist. It is well known that the interests of the British royal family are closer to those of the unskilled British working-class than to those of its  aspirational  middle class.

“Although I am a staunch republican and republican nationalist, it will be a shock to find one day that the old Queen is gone. I wonder whether the monarchy will survive. I hope that the 1649 Republic will be reinstated. This is also the view of the present Leader of the Opposition, a true or Bevanite socialist.”

He will be gone before the Queen is.

Rank Delusion

December 25, 2016

Prisoners kept Illegally inIndia

December 25, 2016

As the leading British Civil List scientist, and a sometime member of the Nobel Prize winning Amnesty International, I demand that these prisoners be released or tried. If not I demand that the U. N. impose sanctions on India.”

Those mercenaries are very lucky that Ron has no real influence; having a friend of pseudoscientific fraudsters involved would hardly help their case.