No-Way Back

“The archiving of the two sites, and, is of key importance. They are on the wayback machine, , and is on up to Sept. 2015. The latter site is currently being upgraded to use wayback machine software, as explained some time ago by Aled Betts at the National Library of Wales. The wayback machine archives in real time, and the British copyright library archives will also archive in real time in due course, using wayback machine software. Both sites, and, will be featured as sites of international importance in culture and science. The site was made visible on the wayback machine by Dave Burleigh earlier this year (2016).”

You do realize, we hope, Ron that the Wayback Machine samples everything automatically; a site does not have to be ‘made visible’, it is a matter of routine. The sampling is also pretty sketchy and the pages are incomplete in various ways. Our blog is also covered by the Wayback Machine, so stop trying to pretend that its archiving is some great honour which has been personally bestowed upon you. Because the coverage is so incomplete, we are pleased that more complete records of your lunatic pronouncements are being preserved elsewhere: every ‘gem of wisdom’ from you will turn into a thorn in your side. 


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