Family-Tree Fantasy

Greetings to Janis Fry and Allen Meredith

December 2, 2016

It was most pleasant to make your acquaintance, and I will support your excellent work with genealogy. It is all on . Carole Hopkin is my cousin in two ways, on the Morgan side and Hopkin side, and Mary Hopkin and I were in Pontardawe Grammar School for six years (1961 – 1967). Mary is a few days older than me, which means that she is over eighteen. I will read your books with great interest. I think that a yew tree dating at Cor Eurgain might determine its year of planting as mid first century, and I will certainly try to have an excavation started of the mound called Cor Eurgain.”

With all of this talk of trees, DNA and genealogy, can it be long before Ron declares that he is related to Yggdrasil. Or perhaps, sticking to the equally manufactured christian myth and remembering that we are dealing with dead wood, Ron will announce that he is a distant cousin to the One True Cross.  


One Response to “Family-Tree Fantasy”

  1. GwasArglwyddauGwyraGlyntawe Says:

    He seemingly has made an association (not friends) with some new Powys weirdos “Tree Hugger Types”.
    Hopefully, they will soon see reality and realize that they are all barking up the wrong trees..
    Mr Evans has gone back to talk of selling his pseudo “medals” to presumably pay for his failed land Tribunal court costs that must amount to at least £20,000 minimum. His medals would be worth more than their present worthlessness if he simply drilled centre holes in them and sold them as washers for securing nuts and bolts for the locks on the garage the “Waters Family” now hold to the site he falsely claimed.
    What says all of you Moron watchers? Yes, his FALSE LAND CLAIMS.

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