Problems at Work?


December 3, 2016

This is a very important replication and can be posted as UFT364. I hope that circuits like this can be mass produced very soon, they are needed for new forms of power.”

We call Eckardt ‘Siemens Stain’ because that is what he is: a stain on the reputation of a great company. What would that electrical company make of an employee who cannot competently analyze a simple electrical circuit, cannot get to the bottom of a superficially puzzling result, leaps to the conclusion that it is due to ‘energy from nowhere’ and tries to dignify that ridiculous idea by citing the contrived theories of a physics nonentity who commands absolutely no respect in the scientific community?  Does the company know what he is up to? Do these stupid papers ever find their way to his superiors? If they do, does the company ignore them … or agree with them? In either case, it would not reflect well on Siemens.


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