In Your Dreams, In Our Nightmares

$3 million prize in fundamental physics will be split between three physi…

December 6, 2016

As the world record holder in number of publications, and also as a scientist making a phenomenal wolrdwide impact, (scientometrics), I should have a good chance of winning one of these.”

You have zero chance of winning anything and, we hope, a good chance of losing your undeserved Civil-List Pension. Even your apparently bona fide papers are little-cited and unremarkable, and it is difficult to understand why you ever got the pension in the first place. Your post-breakdown papers are largely self-published and self-cited and are therefore scientifically worthless. They have had no ‘impact’ at all, and you have had to invent a bogus form of scientometrics in order to fool the gullible. 

“So should other AIAS Fellows, who are now universally regarded as eminent scientist and engineers in their own right. So I can ask Co President Gareth Evans to look up these prizes and organize nominations and support letters if he wishes. ”

They are universally regarded as crackpots; your camp-followers and lap-dogs. Even if they were employable beforehand, their scientific credibility is now at rock-bottom; due to their association with you.

“With the major breakthrough in papers such as UFT311 and UFT364, there should be a good chance given any degree of fair judgment.”

They have already been fairly judged: nobody quotes them. Oh, they fail to cite them ‘because they are scared to’ do they? Well, that is not going to play well with those who are supposed to hand out prize-money, is it?

“I have been nominated many times for the major prizes as in the attached Marquis entry of 2017. The prize money would be ploughed back into science and culture in Wales and elsewhere in the world.”

Marquis is a notorious vanity-publication for losers, and it makes those statements about ‘nominations’ only because you lied about receiving them in the first place!


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