Still Too Modest

Accumulating Nominations

December 6, 2016

I should explain that my aim, oft stated, is to build up nominations on behalf of avant garde science, and not myself, and I am most grateful to all nominators and supporters. There are already many nominations, and these are being recorded by Marquis. I will update the attached list of achievements and a future nominator may use this with minimum effort on his part. Similarly I am always prepared to nominate other Fellows if they wish to be nominated. I am not prepared to recognize the existence of a closed shop, or a club, even though everyone knows that such a club exists. My Ph. D. supervisor, Professor Emeritus Mansel Davies, described the Nobel Prize process as a club like any other, but in fact, I am not sceptical (or cynical) to that extent. I have already been appointed directly by Elizabeth II as a Civil List Pensioner, a high State honour, taking precedence over academic honours. Once again, many thanks to all concerned. I assume that if people point out the existence of prizes to me, as they often do, they wish me to be nominated. If this is not the case, please clarify their intentions. Nominators should stand back from the process, so they do not become angry or disappointed as they are quite justified in feeling. There are many kinds of gross injustice in a decadent contemporay society, but corruption and injustice must never be accepted, otherwise there is only barbarism.”

You have done it again, Ron. You have forgotten to mention a whole slew of honours which was put together by the TGA:

Is it because these ‘honours’ are even more dubious than the ones that you have yourself compiled? Why is that, when one speaks of avant garde art, one immediately thinks of that famous urinal? Why is it that, when one thinks of your ‘avant garde science’, one thinks of any urinal?




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