A Problem of Definition

List of Prolific Authors

December 7, 2016

This confirms that I have produced approximately ten times more work than Hawking. I have not even heard of the latest Milner Prize winners. The physics system is set up in such a way that high impact work they don’t like is minimized, but in the age of the knowledge revolution this fools no one. The result is a tremendous intellectual rejection of the eighty year old politburo by the younger generations. The scientometrics show this conclusively. Once we drift away from the rigour and hard work of scholarship, we put our feet in the domen dail, or cess pit, of human nature. Nevertheless we must fight for fairness.”

Any sweatshop clothing manufacturer would be able to tell you that it is just not enough to be prolific. The product also has to be wanted by the consumer and, if your papers were T-shirts, they would be misshapen ones which fell apart at a touch. You and Crothers do not know the first thing about modern theoretical physics. You, in particular, are clearly still working out of the course-books of your student days. Your brand of ‘scientometrics’ is clearly worthless and reflects nothing more than ‘random internet noise’. The ‘lack of refutations’ does not imply that your nonsense-physics is accepted or sound. It implies rather that nobody really reads it.  


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