Delayed Satisfaction

Miscarriage of Justice at UCW Aberystwyth

December 8, 2016

It was and is internationally recognized that the events at Aberystwyth recorded in autobiography volume two amount to a grave miscarriage of justice. This should be righted in some way, for example an honorary D. Sc. to Dr Gareth Evans and an honoray fellowship for myself. That would cost nothing in monetary terms but would satisfy the international community of scientists. Honour would be satisfied. I have offered to donate my papers to the Library of UCW Aberystwyth. They are very valuable, because I am a Civil List Pensioner, one of only five to ten scientific CPL’s in all Britain, and could be kept on permanent loan there. They should remain in Wales in one of its institutions.”

The ‘international community of scientists’ will be satisfied only by your giving up the Civil List pension; an accolade to which you have brought only shame.  Your papers are worthless, as two abortive auctions have proved. As to a suitable institution for their storage, may we recommend Cefn Coed Hospital, Swansea. 


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