The Tragedy of the Perpetual-Motion Inventor

Spanish version of UFT 364

December 8, 2016

Many thanks to both colleagues: Alex Hill and Dave Burleigh. UFT364 is an important and precise replication of the Osamu Ide circuit, which demonstrates that it is possible to take energy from the ubiquitous spacetime in which we all live. The replication is part of Baconian science, which means that experiments must be reproducible in one laboratory and repeatable in another laboratory or laboratories. So what is needed now is patenting and mass production of these circuits, which can be applied in all kinds of ways. That will take a lot of hard work by dedicated people, and it needs support from governments and industry worldwide.”

Let us imagine that a loony inventor, we shall call him Ideotic, has developed a genuine perpetual-motion machine. Let us imagine moreover that it is very simple in design; so simple that German cranks can reproduce it without too much expenditure of time or money. How on Earth does he expect to make any money out of it? After all, he has been circulating the plans for some two decades, so everybody knows how to build one. Of course, the fact that their use is not already universal rather militates against it being a workable invention. But even if it were, Ideotic would be unable to prevent anybody from building their own: the world would be saved and he would not make a penny out of it! Patenting it would offer no protection, since a patent protects only against commercializing a device and not against others building one: every home could have a homemade one! That of course was John Searl’s excuse for his anomalously low electricity bills, and they had nothing at all to do with his interfering with the  domestic meter. This must be why he made his perpetual-motion machine (it also levitates and cures cancer) so complicated: no chance of anyone building their own. By the way, Ron, one of our friends tells us that he has sent a copy of UFT364 to Siemens headquarters in Munich. They may contact you for a comment regarding this breakthrough.


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