Through a Veil of Tears

List of prizes, medals and awards – Wikipedia – Physics

December 11, 2016

Many thanks indeed to Mr Rajpal in New Delhi. I will go through these prizes and awards to see which ones are most suitable, and will update my list of achievements (attached). In writing my part of “ECE2: The Second Paradigm Shift” I can see that we have made far more fundamental and applied discoveries than any comparable small research group in the world. I am the individual world record holder for publications (attached list of prolific authors) ”

We literally do not know whether to laugh or cry. The very idea that Ron could win any sort of prize is either risible (if one is a cynic) or tragic (if one is a kindly soul). What has he done in the past? Got that youngest-ever DSc? We think that  that was a desperate ploy by Aberystwyth to get rid of him. All of those fellowships ‘won in open competition’? Just one fellowship usually leads onto a lectureship and perhaps a professorial chair. But nobody seemed to want Ron on a permanent basis. And when he finally got a proper job, he screwed that up royally. Whereas quantity of publications may be useful in the competition for promotion, it is quality that brings the glittering prizes. Theories to which nobody else subscribes do not count.  

“We have also forged a new method of distance teaching at essentially all the best universities, institutes and similar.”

At best you may confuse students. It is clear that nobody uses your so-called results.

“The well known scientometrics show this conclusively and of course, objectively. ”

They are not even sufficiently well known to be notorious. The hits from academic visitors are as meaningless as the other 98% coming from porn websites etc.

“Several AIAS / UPITEC staff could be nominated, not only myself. ”

But which are the halt and which are the lame?

“The task of nominating and supporting can be made easy with the attached list of achievements. If I can apply directly for any of these awards I will. To date I have been nominated for the Nobel Prize (I accept what I have been told by responsible people), and certainly for the Wolf Prize, Milner Prize, various medals of the ACS, various medals of the RS and Dirac Medal. ”

Can the ’empty set’ be a ‘list of achievements’?

“The RSC / RS nomination for a Civil List Pension succeeded in 2005 as is well known, and I was awarded arms on merit in 2008. ”

The RSC must have had an off-day, and the RS deny having had anything to do with it. Anybody with reasonable credentials and a few thousand pounds can get a coat-of-arms.

“The attached Marquis entry for 2017 records all of these awards and nominations, made on behalf of new science as well as myself. Many thanks again to nominators and all supporters!”

Marquis is a vanity publication, and does not check facts. Tell them anything, and they will parrot it back.

“Our work in education is as important as in research. I have survived the grave miscarriages of justice with key international help.”

The first  part is probably true: neither are of any importance. The second part cries out for the addendum: … so far.



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