Hoax Gone Wrong

Discussion of notes 363(4), 363(5)

December 17, 2016

These are very interesting continuative or inductive remarks. I agree that the x theory is a first approximation, mathematically it is quite interesting because it gives the fractal conic sections, but in physics Eq. (22) of Note 363(5) must be integrated to give the orbit in terms of the spin connection and force.”

Perhaps this would be a good time to reveal a hoax which one our followers attempted to perpetrate some years ago. He sent Ron a question concerning the nonsensical results obtained by making the step-size too big in a computer-simulation of orbits. It was sent in the name of a Cardiff schoolboy, and the plan was to reveal details of the letter after Ron (in his desperation for human contact and scientific support) had mentioned it in his blog. Unfortunately, our follower had underestimated said desperation and was wrong-footed when Ron posted the original letter. If only our colleague had marked the reverse side in some distinctive manner. Of course, Ron will now claim that the present note  is just another ploy on our part. Well, all that he has to do is contact the school named in the letter and ask to be put in touch with its author.


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