Go Team Incest!

AIAS / UPITEC Team Nominated for the Newton Medal

December 20, 2016

This is the highest award of the Institute of Physics. Nomination will follow for the Dirac, Faraday and Kelvin gold medals. Judging on the phenomenal impact of the team’s work, it deserves one of these awards.”

There is of course no real ‘team’. There is a loudmouthed loony who is scared to submit his worthless calculations to a reputable scientific journal. He claims simultaneously that all such journals are biased against him and that every scientist already agrees with him. Apart from the central loony, there is a ‘krautpot’ who plots with dog-like devotion the meaningless results of the nonsense equations. The remainder of the team is just a collection of camp-followers who do indeed prostitute any academic qualifications which they possess. Special mention goes to ‘sewage Evans’; ‘science officer’ at a Welsh County Council. The only thing that this team deserves is investigation by various awarding bodies.


2 Responses to “Go Team Incest!”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    “Gareth can now go ahead with the nominations by simply referring to this entry and adding a few words of his own, and the referees can also use the entry and refer to it, so work is minimized all round. I will go ahead with the team nominations, naming Horst, Gareth and Steve Bannister as referees. So everyone in AIAS / UPITEC can enter the nominations into their CV’s.”

    Are you a crackpot? Does your CV look a bit threadbare? Worry no longer! You too can look like a proper scientist if you just follow the Myron Evans Method. By following these two easy steps you can pretend that you have enjoyed a distinguished career.

    STEP ONE: Nominate yourself for several major prizes, despite the fact that your work is nonsense and is entirely ignored by anybody who knows what they’re talking about.

    STEP TWO: Add these ‘nominations’ to your CV.

    And voila! You now have a stellar reputation and the wholehearted endorsement of the entire scientific establishment.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      There is an outfit called the International Biographical Centre (Cambridge) which will put one in their books for a fee and, if one has no letters after ones name, they will supply some!

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