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FOR POSTING: Nominations to date

December 21, 2016

To Co President Gareth Evans:

Good to hear from you, The AIAS / UPITEC team has been nominated by myself as team leader for twelve medals of the Institute of Physics: Newton, Dirac, Faraday, Glazebrook, Bragg and Blodgett Gold Medals, and six silver medals. My individual nominations to date are: Nobel Prize, Wolf Prize, Milner Prize, Civil List Pension, the Copley, Royal and Davy Medals of the Royal Society, Dirac Medal, and the Priestley, Langmuir and Hildebrand awards of the American Chemical Society. Nominations cover all aspects of the team’s work from 1974 to present: theoretical, experimental, new distance teaching methods, new methods of research impact measurement, applied physics, industrial application.”

Hmm, all of those nominations but who exactly is doing the nominating? Is Team Incest living up to its name and nominating itself? Or is one of the more distant halo of incompetents, such as the idiots who recommended Ron for a Civil List Pension or who  called his nonsense-physics a ‘paradigm shift’ doing it? That grandiose term was, by the way, coined by another crackpot who founded a whole new field called ‘sociology of science’ and made it fashionable for physics-challenged busybodies to stick their oars in. Kuhn had cherry-picked ‘evidence’ to ‘prove’ that sciences advanced by revolution rather than evolution. His view is therefore very popular in the lunatic fringe. But not only is his ‘revolution’ concept contrived, his own work was marred by glaring errors in elementary physics.


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