Sewage Santa!

FOR POSTING: Nomination by the Co President of AIAS

December 21, 2016

I would be most grateful if this could be posted alongside the individual nomination on my page, “about m” section, of . It can then be referred to in the nominations. I am most grateful for this detailed and eloquent nomination.”

Yes, the secret Santa was Sewage all along; that sort of thing is what makes Team Incest … Team Incest. His nomination-form starts off well with the sort of boiler-plate ‘Big Book of Science’ text that passes for  scientific history among non-physicists. But then he shoots everybody concerned in the foot by mentioning the pseudoscientific fraudster Tesla (Telsa to the stupid, and Tessler to the very stupid, Googlers of the lunatic fringe). And if that were not enough, he throws in the perpetual-motion conmen, Hill-of-Beans and Ideotic. One notes that Sewage has promoted both Ron and Ideotic to ‘professor’.  Such ‘academic inflation’ is routine in the lunatic fringe.


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