Marquis Entries

December 22, 2016

The team can enter all twelve medal nominations into their entries for “Marquis Who’s Who” if relevant. If anyone wishes me to nominate him or her for Marquis just let me know. I was nominated by Bo Lehnert in 1998. This includes scientists, artists, poets novelists, historians and genealogists on this listing. Marquis does not charge any fee, and entry is purely on merit. Multi millionaires cannot buy an entry.”

And that is how things are done in the lunatic fringe: they nominate themselves, and then add the ‘accolades’ to their own vanity-publication entries. In the case of those who have real jobs, the worthless Marquis data may well be added to a CV and fool gullible employers  … such as Ceredigion County Council? Any idiot can get into Marquis … Searl, for example.



One Response to “Blatant”

  1. GwasArglwyddauGwyraGlyntawe Says:

    I have pointed Moron’s Solicitor and Barrister to these proclaimed medal assets below:-
    “The value of the collection has increased to about £1.25 million pounds, and I attach a conservative valuation of them. They are kept in the strong room of Mullock’s.”
    So that the Legal Team he engaged can take Legal Action to get back the Legal Costs of about £20,000 of Moron’s failed attempts at Property Theft of a Tin Shed.

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