Hilarity Reigns

Parliamentary Committee

December 23, 2016

If they invite me to give evidence I will certainly give written evidence on your behalf, and if asked, evidence in person. Although I am a member of the Gentry I am not a Life Peer, but if invited to be a Life Peer I can think about taking up a seat in Westminster. These days however, the Assembly may develop an upper house. I would be more interested in that, becoming a Senator like Yeats. Usually a Peerage is given to people on the political side of things, but sometimes it is given to intellectuals. There is a precedent in a U. S. citizen taking up a Peerage, that was Lady Astor, who as an American born English socialite whose second marriage was to Waldorf Astor. I am British born, naturalized a U. S. citizen at Cornell in 2000. AI am the first U. S. dual citizen in history to be appointed to the Civil List, directly by my distant cousin the Queen.”

You do realize, don’t you Ron, that ludicrous statements such as these will eventually end up in a real book/expose and will be laughed at by physicists all over the world: fame at last! Of course, some strange people do get elevated to the Lords: you may have heard of a Professor Atkins, an ultra-successful chemist and textbook writer. Well, his ex-wife was fast-tracked after your Mr Blair made peerages more democratic (and Civil List Pension recommendations totally demented). She was given Faraday’s old post of Director of the Royal Institution before being elevated. While Director of the RI, some cruel observers suggested (due to her habit of offering photo-opportunities while wearing a leather skirt and leaning against a tree) that she conjured up thoughts of a rather older profession. So a crackpot peer (Lord Evans of Cloudcuckooland) would not necessarily lower standards. No doubt the thought of receiving hundreds of pounds per day, simply for turning up, would overcome your agoraphobia: we all know that money-grubbing is your main ‘scientific’ aim. We understand that the US theoretically requires candidates for naturalization to renounce their original nationality, so your sole remaining claim-to-fame is to be the only anti-scientific crackpot to be appointed to the Civil List.


2 Responses to “Hilarity Reigns”

  1. GwasArglwyddauGwyraGlyntawe Says:

    When is this much hyped “book” going to be published? It is overdue. Is it all a dream? Let’s have a real timetable of publishing / printing sales / launch dates. In the meantime Ron is walking all over everyone.
    There was a new young lad at my local supermarket cash till this week.
    I acted on a guess and asked – “Are you a student working the Christmas vacation?”. He said “Yes”. So I asked “What are you studying?”. He said “I’ve just finished my first term of a Physics Degree course”. So I asked him “Have you ever heard of a Dr Myron Evans?”. He said “Yes, he is an inspiration”.
    So ‘CRACKPOTWATCH’ this long promised book is long overdue.
    Get it out before more students are contaminated.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Good question. It seems that it is much more difficult to write a real book than a crackpot one, especially if the author has other demands on his time. In fact, the main aim is to help students to recognize and avoid pseudoscience and Ron is relatively unimportant in this regard: there exist real professors who hold clearly crackpot views and there are employees of high-tech companies whose understanding of their own specialty is sketchy. It is only the laughable award of the Civil List pension (symptomatic of a general malaise in the public respect for science) which makes Ron worth mentioning at all. The author is determined to finish it next year.

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