Already One Honour Too Many

Nomination for a National Honour

December 25, 2016

In response to a question from one of the AIAS Fellows it is possible to apply to become a Member of the House of Lords, the process is similar to the Civil List Pension, very rigorous we are told”

It cannot  be that rigorous in the case of the Civil List pension or you would never have got it.

“In my case it is the wrong type of appointment because I am a U. S. dual citizen”

Only in the UK; the US does not recognize dual citizenship.

“and already a Civil List Pensioner, equivalent to a Life Peer or Baron”

Lie; it is just a pension.

“and I don’t much believe in the House of Lords. However I will support the team to the utmost of my ability in written testimony and in person. ”

Good. That will sink ’em.

“The last time I was in London, my wife and I were at Buckingham Palace. If there were an Upper, Welsh speaking, House in the Welsh Assembly that could be different, but for me it would drag me away from my work. The only relevant State honour commensurate with Civil List Pensioner is C. H. or O. M. I already have the equivalent of knighthood, being a Civil List Pensioner recognized by a coat of arms. ”

Utter rubbish.

“Lloyd George, when he was a radical pushing for reform, described the House of Lords as a collection of the unemployed chosen at random, but when he became a grand old man, he became the hereditary Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor, despite being a Welsh speaking Baptist like myself. A Baptist is supposed to be a Republican and Leveller, a four hundred year old tradition.”

Lloyd George was a crook from whom knighthoods and lordships could be bought.

“There are forty eight Companions of Honour at present, the two physicists who are C. H are Hawking and Higgs, two standard modellers again. The radical new science is represented by myself as Civil List Pensioner. I got it by three side steps and a swerve. ”

No, by lies told by other plausible cranks, by an immoral ‘Royal Society’ that does  as it is told, and by the endemic pig-ignorance of science among the general public.

“There are two athletes I recognize on the C. H. list: Sebastian Coe (800, 1,500 metres) and Mary Peters (pentathlon and shot put). However George Osborne is also a C. H., so that lowers standards dramatically. I would say that if Higgs can get a C. H. with a very low h index and very few publications, anyone could get a C. H. ”

Oh Ron, it is not about quantity … it is about quality.

“The Order of Merit is chosen by Queen Elizabeth herself and there are only 25 members of the Order. The Civil List Pensioners are also chosen by Queen Elizabeth herself, but on ministerial advice. Penrose is an O. M., he is not as aimlessly dogmatic as Hawking.”

Penrose in fact  has one foot in the lunatic fringe due to his strange beliefs concerning the relationship between quantum mechanics and human consciousness.

“I have produced eight five times more publications than Higgs (attached), who was a figurehead or god father figure. I would think that the C. H. is controlled by standard modellers, but if Gareth would like to have a go at nominating for C. H., the form is attached. ”

Again Ron, it is all about quality; not quantity. One theoretical paper with experimental support is worth a thousand theoretical (and mathematically defective) papers with no subsequent experimental support.

“The Queen is ill a lot of the time, and has been on the throne since 1952. ”

And even at her best she is no physicist. It is well known that the interests of the British royal family are closer to those of the unskilled British working-class than to those of its  aspirational  middle class.

“Although I am a staunch republican and republican nationalist, it will be a shock to find one day that the old Queen is gone. I wonder whether the monarchy will survive. I hope that the 1649 Republic will be reinstated. This is also the view of the present Leader of the Opposition, a true or Bevanite socialist.”

He will be gone before the Queen is.


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