Another Year of Abject Failure

Outstanding Year for AIAS / UPITEC

December 25, 2016

The last year and a half have seen the publication of fifty papers on ECE2, and 2016 has seen the publication in hardback and softback of “Principles of ECE”, currently being read 6,426 times a year off combined sites, an outstandingly successful monograph by any standards. ”

‘Read’ is a rather elevated term for this process and, whatever else the ‘readers’ do with it, they certainly do not cite this worthless ‘book’.

“The radically new and powerful theories of fluid electrodynamics and fluid gravitation were published. ”

Ron has re-introduced the aether, quite forgetting that experiment has always failed to detect any such ‘fluid’ medium.

“The fifty ECE2 papers are being read about 33,000 times a year. Early in 2016 was made visible on the Wayback Machine, (, by Dave Burleigh, so a great amount of work is safely archived there, and also visible along with and ”

The papers are all rubbish and, again, are never cited by anybody but the AIAS gang. The Wayback Machine archives everything, regardless of value, and the records are far from complete.

“The well known circuit of AIAS Fellow Osamu Ide (explained exactly by ECE theory in UFT311) has been replicated exactly in UFT364, causing immediate international interest. I can see this as usual from the scientometrics. The Co President Gareth Evans has received many invitations to attend high level strategic meetings and conferences as a result of this major breakthrough in new energy technology by AIAS / UPITEC. ”

And Sewage will be thrown out if he dares to mention perpetual-motion machines at any non-crank assembly.

“Douglas Lindstrom has published a review of low energy nuclear reactors. ”

… and sent it to a bunch of loonies in Florida.

“Horst Eckardt, UPITEC President, and Bernhard Foltz, flew to Tokyo and replicated the Osamu Ide device exactly with completely independent apparatus. This means that such circuits can be mass produced in future after patenting. ”

So the Eckardt-Foltz machine could power the Ideotic machine, and the Ideotic machine could power the Eckardt-Foltz machine and they all lived happy ever after. Except that they didn’t because the concept is nonsense.

“Osamu Ide has sent written testimony to a House of Lords Committee on this development, and I hope that the London, Cardiff and Edinburgh Governments will fund and rapidly develop the breakthrough, otherwise they will lose out again as so often happens. ”

A lot of other cranks also sent testimony.

“The AIAS / UPITEC team has been nominated for six gold medals and six silver medals of the Institute of Physics, and from now on will be regularly nominated for relevant medals and awards. All my indicators show that ECE has arrived centre stage.”

Yes, you nominated yourselves. Big deal!


4 Responses to “Another Year of Abject Failure”

  1. Bernhard Says:

    Dear writer of this text

    Just I found your nice ‘crackpotwatch’. 🙂

    The “Eckardt-Foltz-Machine” sounds really funny! Okay, I have actually reproduced the thousands of Euros expensive and extremely secret equipment from Osamu Ide with very sparse information, and I showed that this replica, despite its price of less than 100 Euros, delivers the same results. What has escaped you however: The overunity displays(!) of the measuring instruments were reproduced, but not the overunity itself!

    Bernhard Foltz

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Then you still have far more money than sense. The patents do not make any over-unity claim. None of Ide’s papers make any over-unity claims. But he has been telling the same lies to ‘true believers’ for some 20 years. Your replication of the circuit ‘without the overunity’ is simply another example of ‘sleight-of-mouth’. Are you trying to undermine Evans? He is ‘proving’ that it extracts ‘energy from spacetime’ and you are saying that it does not. He will not like that! In fact, we may post this exchange of comments where he will see it.
      BTW, the notorious Coler device has more chance of producing energy! And why not? Coler specified that his circuit had to be moved. If one moves a collection of coils, magnets and capacitors around, induction is very likely to lead to energy being stored in the capacitors. In fact, the Coler circuit is very similar to the circuits now being used for ‘energy harvesting’.

  2. Bernhard Says:

    Dear Mrs./Mr. ???

    I told you from the replication for only about 100 euros. Why do you think, I have more money than sense? This makes no sense!

    I think, the idea of your job is good: To check scientific work and to see whether it is really science or only pseudoscience. But – the right method is important too! What in science is correct or wrong, can only be decided with scientific methods, for example, experiments. And if a mistake has been found or the complete work turns out to be nonsense, then you should comment this in objective and friendly manner and clearly state where the error lies. This is a service to science. Unobjective comments, unkindnesses, and harshness are not pertinent and do harm to science. How people are called, where they live and how they look, is totally irrelevant! I am happy if you can do your job well.

    Energy harvesting is possible and in consense with physics and completely another thing than ‘free energy’.

    Bernhard Foltz

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      100 Euros is already too much for such a pointless device. Besides, we assumed that you had also spent thousands on the necessary measuring equipment. Did you already possess equipment which can sample the output at at least twice the highest oscillation frequency of the device? An ordinary meter is inadequate, and possessing an instrument does not automatically make one an expert on measurement.
      It is not just a matter of experiment per se; the experiments have to be performed by completely independent and disinterested observers, and not by those who have a vested interest in selling perpetual-motion machines.
      One of the easiest ways to spot crackpots is by the fact that they are always completely negative towards existing science and immediately accuse the ‘mainstream’ of suppression or deception. Such cranks do not deserve politeness.
      Energy-harvesting works up-to-a-point. A self-winding watch depends upon such harvesting. Using generators to brake cars or induction devices to damp vibration is very acceptable. The problem is that many designers/engineers do not seem to understand Newton’s third law, and fail to realize that harvesting takes a toll in return. For instance, using foot-falls to power street-lighting actually makes it slightly more tiring to walk along the pavement. It may seem trivial, but the citizen is thus turned into an unpaid slave; just as much as if he were put on a treadmill.

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