FFS, Give it Up!

Auctioning the Medals

December 27, 2016

I will make a steady and continuous effort to sell my medals, the next in line is Stacks Bowers which recently sold a Nobel Prize medal for $1.1 million.”

You are a nonentity: one of us was willing to pay a few thousand for them at the last auction, on the basis that they would increase in (novelty) value when you are later outed as a national disgrace. Hybristophilia is a great selling-point.

“If I do manage to sell them I can support science and Welsh language culture in Wales, and help AIAS / UPITEC in various ways. ”

You can help science for nothing … by leaving it. Stop lying about your ‘success’, stop confusing students with your crackpot theories … and stop playing the ‘Lord of the Manor’.

“My Newlands Family Trust and Bro Iaith policy are set up with this purpose in mind, to try to stop the catastrophic decline of the Welsh language in Mawrt. ”

The locals tell us that you do absolutely nothing to help that process, and even deny the existence of effective Welsh-medium education in the area.

“The asking price for the $1.1 million medal was about $100,000. For an agreed upon commission, Mullock’s might like to work to auction the medals to a knowledgeable clientele with Stacks Bowers or Christie’s which recently sold the Watson Nobel Medal for $4.76 million.”

What you really need is an ignorant clientele, which might be fooled by your lies.

“Watson has been ostracized for many years by his colleagues because of his views. Sadly this happens all too often in science. This is why he had to sell his Medal. The buyer, a billionaire, gave the medal back to Watson. He was awarded the Nobel Prize with Crick for the discovery of DNA (Watson and Crick). So I think that the valuation of my medals at about a million pounds is fair, in fact on the low side. many thanks to Mullock’s for storing them safely in their strong room. ”

Ostracized or not, he is way ahead of you. You have no value … and neither do your medals (apart from the scrap-metal value).

“The Crick Estate sold Crick’s medal for $ 2.0 million (attached). The AIAS / UPITEC team and myself have been kindly nominated for a total of ten gold and silver medals of the Institute of Physics, and for the Newton Medal, its highest award.”

Yes, ‘kindly nominated’ by one another! Why don’t you try to win one of those Telesio-Galilei gold medals that you used to praise so highly? Just imagine how proud you would feel, accepting such a wonderful gong, perhaps on the stage of the Patti theatre … ooooops!


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