The Relativity of Loonies

Paper from Michael Jackson

December 31, 2016

We love to see missives from No-Bubbles Jackson, because he is so clearly insane and Ron’s acceptance of his ideas makes Ron look very very bad. It was No-Bubbles who wrote a ‘paper’ claiming that ECE explains the human soul. It was also he who was interviewed by the revolting shock-jock Rancid Rense and who told that sicko that Einstein was planted (by the Rockefellers) at the Bern  Patent Office in order to undermine Tesla. He further told Rancid that Cartan and Einstein had supplied the Nazis with the information which allowed the latter to build anti-gravity aircraft (LOL). When Ron was interviewed by Rancid shortly afterwards, he did not deny any of No-Bubble’s claims. Now No-Bubbles has sent Ron a well-known ‘paper’ from the lunatic fringe. It claims that ‘gyroscopes’ (they are in fact only mono-gimballed spinning-tops)  do not obey Newton’s Third Law and therefore promise reaction-less  propulsion and UFO-style levitation. This is where a sort of ‘relativity of scientific authority’ comes in. That is, No-Bubbles and Ron and the remainder of the lunatic fringe think that such mad gyroscopic ideas are validated by being endorsed by a ‘famous engineer’ such as Laithwaite or by a ‘Boeing engineer’  like Mike Gamble. They also think that a granted patent on an invention is scientific proof. The truth is that the accepted scientific evidence instead reveals Laithwaite, Gamble and patent office examiners to be incompetent clowns. Relatively speaking, physics advances and the loonies go backwards. Of course, Laithwaite and Gamble were/are electrical engineers; a breed which is always disproportionately represented in the lunatic fringe. To be fair, one should also mention Dunging-Davies, former AIAS member and head of the rival crackpot  organization, TGA. Dunging-Davies has co-authored a book which bases a whole ‘new science of mechanics’ upon Laithwaite’s deceptive Royal Institution Christmas Lectures (the first never to be transcribed for posterity). When Dunging-Davies was awarded a worthless gong by a crackpot group, that fact was mentioned as being a good thing in the yearbook of Dunging’s university! It is rather worrying that a British university can no longer spot pseudoscientific cant.



2 Responses to “The Relativity of Loonies”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    That ‘paper’ is a hilarious document. It starts off by suggesting that Laithwaite ‘produced YouTube videos’, which is a bit of a stretch given that he died in 1997. It also cites Pravda without any sort of caveat, which is truly beyond parody. As for the scientific howlers…

    Oh yes, and although Laithwaite started off by saying that gyroscopes violate Newton’s third law, post-1990 he admitted that he had been wrong. He was quite emphatic about that – although the explanation he then came up with was just as misconceived as the original one.

    The icing on the cake is the attention lavished on the work of the utterly loony Marina Lobova, whose ‘publications’ include cutting-edge work on the neurological effects of caesarian sections, the benefits of chanting and antigravity. She also modestly claims expertise in the origins of cancer and vacuum energy.

    What must the (relatively) saner member of AIAS think when they look at a document as deranged as that? Do they believe this tripe? Or do they – just for a moment – wonder why they’re wasting their time hanging out with a bunch of nutjobs?

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