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January 31, 2017

Discussion of Note 369(4)

January 31, 2017

Many thanks to the Co President!”

“Newton must be smiling!!”? Jeez, what a sycophant our Sewage is! Someone should make a FOIA request to Ceredigion County Council to find out exactly what this lickspittle does all day (on the public’s dime), apart from worshipping Ron,  and how he got the job. 


Enquire Within

January 31, 2017

Creditors’ Liquidation of Mawr Development Trust

January 31, 2017

Stones and Company,
Insolvency Practitioners,
63 Walter Road,

Can you please advise me of the amount of money owed to the creditors by the company when it was dissolved, and who were the creditors?”

Oh Ron, Ron, surely you know by now that if you want facts you should ask us.


… and it was a voluntary liquidation. What is it that the young people say? Oh yes, “We own you”. Now, about all of those silly physics ideas which you have …

Interesting Convergence of Ideas

January 30, 2017

All of (real) science is interconnected. One of Ron’s long-time obsessions is that the photon has a rest mass, and that general relativity is rubbish. And lately, he is obsessed with spinning-tops. So it is interesting to see all of those themes brought together … and not in a way which favours Ron.


addendum (31st Jan): and have you noticed reference 20?

Who Knew?

January 30, 2017

New Results for 369(1)

January 30, 2017

Many thanks again, and congratulations in turn! This rigorous solution shows that the spinning of the gyroscope cannot balance the force of gravitation without an extra upward force. The elliptic spiral is particularly interesting, the centre of mass follows this path as it is pulled downwards by the force of gravity. A balancing upward force modelled by m = m1 allows the gyro to float, so if held above the lab bench it would feel weightless. This is the observation by Laithwaite, who was perfectly right. This effect can be used for heavy engineering, for example to reduce drag in railway systems. That requires the skills of a practical engineer. All this shows the power and elegance of the Euler Lagrange equations.”

The spinning of the top (have you ever seen a real gyroscope) cannot indeed produce an upward force. Duh! But adding a contrived extra force proves nothing. Let us imagine that this ‘loony-force’ relieves Laithwaite of the effort required to lift the top. How does that change anything? The loony-force will still (unless it is truly magical) exert a reaction force on the ground, and so it is still not the wonderful antigravity force (one that does not obey Newton’s third law) which is always sought by the lunatic fringe. In fact, even the levitation effect predicted by general relativity (which we mentioned recently), would still obey the third law. We wonder whether your degrees are worth the paper that they are printed on. After all, teachers often simply mark, as correct, the incorrect information which they handed out in the first place!  Is that what happened to you … and SS? Or did you both happen to miss the third-law lesson?

Proof Positive

January 30, 2017

FOR POSTING: Section 3 of paper 368

January 30, 2017

This is an incisive graphical analysis as usual by co author Horst Eckardt, the results are full of interest, especially for the case of the weightless gyro. This is the first time that this problem has been completely solved, the key step being the use of Maxima code to solve simultaneous differential equations numerically. It would be interesting to animate some results when time permits.”

The fact that you have applied your fatuous ECE theory to the explanation of an ‘effect’  which does not even exist, and claim to have explained it, makes it glaringly obvious that the theory is worthless. Don’t you get it? Laithwaite was as big a crackpot as you are (if more successful) and you have brainlessly bought-in to his lunacy and lies. Looking for new challenges for your ECE tripe theory? Why not use it to explain how a few people, under the ‘fluence’ of Uri Geller, can lift a heavy colleague by using just their finger-tips? In fact, you could try (and probably manage) to explain how he bends spoons, or detects which one, of a set of identical cans, holds a sought object.  Such renewed and authoritative (LOL) scientific interest might revive his career; it cannot have helped that he had hyphenated ‘Freud’ (a name redolent of unexpected and recent notoriety) to his name, for business purposes. When we last checked, he was trying to sell his multi-million pound home. So you and Siemens Stain could become the ‘Targ and Puthoff’ of the 3rd millennium.

Please Apply

January 30, 2017

New Conference Journals: Call for Papers\International Research Conferen…

January 30, 2017

This is another invitation and might be of interest.”

We are great believers in the use of notorious crackpots to detect other pseudoscientists; anyone who cites Tesla, for instance, as his muse is sure to be a crank. Searl is another prime example of a useful touchstone and, of course, so is Laithwaite. By extension, you too Ron are a useful tool and, should you or your gang ever get an invitation to an apparently bona fide conference, and are actually allowed to promulgate your loony theories there, we shall be able to out a further nest of academic cranks. Go for it. 

The Idiocy Continues

January 28, 2017

Discussion of 369(1): Complete Analytical Mechanics of the Gyroscope

January 28, 2017

This will be the first time that this problem has been correctly solved, so your coding is full of interest, in particular the lab frame translational motion of the point of the gyro can be computed. If the upward Z axis force generated by the spin of the gyro is the same as the gravitational force downward, the point will float. So Laithwaite would feel no weight if he is holding a floating point. The reason why this two hundred and fifty year old problem has not been solved before is that it is exceedingly intricate, and code is needed to solve four simultaneous differential equations in four variables: r, theta, phi and chi.”

Have you no idea at all of the size of the literature which exists on rotational dynamics? Not a single aspect has gone unexamined, and your efforts are both pathetic and unwanted. Do you know that a spinning-top can sometimes precess in the direction opposite to the usual one? Why not demonstrate that your ‘correct’ solution can explain that. There is no upward force generated ‘by the spin of the gyro’, and it is evident in the films that Laithwaite feels every gram of the weight. His saying that it was ‘as light as a feather’ has to be put in the same category as the lies which a magician uses in order to make his trick more convincing; as when a spoon-bender says, “can you see it still bending?”  Such patter is known to be effective in helping to fool audiences. 

Stewing Away

January 27, 2017

Referrals from Wikipedia, Bruhn et alii stopped years ago

January 27, 2017

Referrals from these defamatory and pejorative sites stopped completely about two or three years ago, in the case of Bruhn about ten years ago, so it is clear that they have been rejected completely by the scientific colleagues because they tried to distort standard Cartan geometry, and tried to distort my career beyond recognition. So I see no further purpose in mentioning them. My true career is archived by the Wayback Machine and the British and Irish copyright libraries as in the previous posting. It is also recorded in about thirty five editions of “Marquis Who’s Who”. I have been nominated about fifty times for the major prizes such as the Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry. A colleague is considering nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize. I am honoured by these nominations and thank the colleagues. I have had my share of trouble from criminal troll sites. The British Government is taking action against troll sites, which are of course ignored by all but psychopaths, notably sadists discontented with their own existence. So we can leave the trolls to stew like adolescents.”

Visitors who have arrived at this site by accident may be wondering what on Earth is going on. It is quite simple: an arrogant, conceited and physics-challenged chemist called Myron Evans has been – thanks to the collusion of his equally pseudoscientific friends and scientifically ignorant lay-persons (albeit in positions of great civil power) – awarded a Civil List Pension. This accolade has previously been awarded only to the very greatest British scientists. It has now been given to someone who believes in perpetual-motion and anti-gravity machines and who calls for CERN to be closed down (for fraud?). He regularly defames Hawking, Higgs  and other scientists. Although rabidly anti-Einstein, he also believes that he has completed Einstein’s task of producing a Grand Unified Theory of physics. Indeed, he believes that it has already taken the world by storm and that only a few all-powerful ‘dogmatists’ are holding it back. Why do you not know about him? It is, he claims, because all of his followers are scared of losing their plush posts in conventional science. That is why they never cite his work in reputable journals, never comment favourably on his books and do not bombard him with e-mailed plaudits and questions. How does he gauge his fame?  By counting hits on his websites. Only 2% of those are from academic users and, even then, he does not know who they are or what their real opinion might be. He has now taken to counting ‘referrals’, and claims that falling numbers from authoritative  sources signals their irrelevance, rather than accepting the more obvious explanation that he is falling off the radar of informed critics.   It seems (judging from his own biography and blog  posts) that he has never been able to hold down an academic job and has been disliked wherever he worked. He harps on continuously about his appearance in Marquis Who’s Who, but that is a notorious vanity publication. He gives his latest books away online and then pays vanity publishers to (try to) sell printed copies. As for the vaunted ‘nominations’ for prestigious prizes,  there is no proof that most of these nominations were ever made. In the remaining cases, it is well-known who made them: members of his own minute crackpot group, AIAS. He does not choose his friends too wisely: he claims that he is distantly related to just about every famous historical figure and traces his line back almost to cave-men (we jest). But his favourite genealogist, Colonel (SAS) Sir Arthur Turner-Thomas VC, GC .., is a complete fraud and has ‘nothing at all to write home about’ (see below). Anybody who points out these self-evident facts is defamed as being a ‘troll’ or a ‘criminal’. The point of the present site is to bring this opinionated crank to public notice in the hope that the relevant authorities will be shamed into removing such an undeserving person from the Civil List.

Readers who want to know what is wrong with his GUT, and who Bruhn is, should visit:

Rubbish-Friendly Librarians

January 27, 2017

OR POSTING : Many Thanks to Aled Betts

January 27, 2017

The site is now archived for preservation on, with Wayback Machine software, and it is up to date, archived by Aled Betts at the National Library of Wales. Click on, Science and Technology, Alpha Institute for Advanced Studies, then “check on URL at time of capture”. The site as it is today comes up, complete with the entire blog. It is”

One of us once had a heated argument with a university librarian. It was the January following the execution of the depraved Nikolae Ceausescu and his pseudoscientist wife, Elena. The librarian objected to the reasonable suggestion that her full-page colour photograph should now be removed from every copy of the Revue Roumaine de Chimie (and it was in every copy). He thought that it was his job to preserve rubbish. In an air-conditioned strong-room at Swansea County Hall, there is a letter which is treated with all of the reverence of a holy relic. It is a letter from Einstein, answering a question about the twin paradox (this is a great favourite in the lunatic fringe, because the loonies fondly imagine that it disproves special relativity). The letter was sent to a telephone engineer (not the sort who designs city-scale communications infrastructure but the sort who wears a donkey-jacket and climbs telephone poles) who liked astronomy. That engineer went on to become a (ugh!) philosopher and then spent all of his time attacking both Einstein and Newton. That crank was to become, of course, the self-styled ‘Professor’ ‘Viv’ Pope*; the other anti-Einstein wannabe physicist who will forever bring shame on Swansea. So, that’s another librarian who is set on preserving rubbish  … in an air-conditioned vault. Isn’t it funny how everything comes in threes?     

Wash Your Mouth Out

January 27, 2017

Count Joseph-Louis Lagrange (1736 – 1813)

January 27, 2017

His monumental work was “Mecanique Analytique” which was produced in the Sorbonne. Fortunately he was respected during the French Revolution, and was a kind and quiet man wholly dedicated to science. He was made a Count by Napoleon.”

Lagrange: one of the many scientific heroes, like that of Euler, whose names you are not fit to utter. They must be figuratively spinning in their graves.