New Year’s Resolution

Baconian Methods in ECE Theory

January 1, 2017

Fully agreed, the home page list of experimental tests of ECE and ECE2, and advantages over the standard model, can be extended and brought up to date.”

The main aim of Ron’s crackpot theories is to prove Einstein wrong (a sine qua non in the lunatic fringe) by finding an alternative explanation for the ‘residual’ precession of the perihelion of Mercury’s orbit. Along the way, he has apparently forgotten that the anomaly is obvious only after taking account of the influence of many other effects; especially the gravitational fields of the other planets. Eliminating their effects from consideration requires having data on their distances etc. (although this step can be simplified by ‘smearing-out’ the orbits). Ron however claims to be able to predict the size of the anomaly directly, without applying his theory to the behaviour of the other planets. How can he obtain numerical agreement without inputting all of the other planetary data? His theory barely qualifies as a theory; it is a one-off model designed to reproduce a limited number of data. This is the pattern of bad behaviour which is obvious in his bona fide chemical work: he would find a plausible reason for fitting a curve to a certain set of data. A true theory should have universal application. His does not: he figuratively moves heaven and Earth in order to model an orbit or the rotational motion of a galaxy, but still  cannot explain features such as nutation or tides.

“This is Baconian science of course, designed to remove anthropomorphism from science by comparison with experimental data. ”

That is just what Ron’s work is not. Observation of the natural world (with or without measurement) may suggest a theoretical explanation for its behaviour. The ancient Greeks were fond of theorizing, but their laziness paralyzed scientific advance for millenia. Aristotle for example could ‘explain’ anything by attributing it to hot, cold, wet, dry principles: a completely fatuous procedure. The Greeks rarely performed experiments; Eratosthenes’ accurate estimation of the radius of the Earth being a stark exception. Bacon popularized the concept of actually testing whether a theory was predictive; an idea which some claim to have been inspired by the Spanish Inquisition, ‘isolating a bit of reality and forcing it to reveal the truth’. Ron never checks his theory by obtaining new data, nor even by applying it to other situations. Note that one cannot test a theory by re-inserting the original data. This is known as ‘double-counting’ and no real scientist ever does such a thing. So Ron should stfu about ‘Baconian science’ until he learns what it means.

“One important and definitive proof of ECE is UFT311 and UFT364, and there are many others. I should draw up an updated list. In the meantime I encourage Michael Jackson to continuously post all relevant papers and books he thinks fit on any medium he choses, including wikipedia. This process can go on for years. Wikipedia is similar to “1984” or “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. I wanted to illustrate the fact that it is an automated censorship machine. No one actually reads changes to the defamation and crude personal abuse, a computer is programmed to remove the changes. Moderators are not used at all. This is a criminal offence as well as a tort. Reform of the law is needed to allow prosecution of wikipedia for verbal common assault (openly abusing scientists by using terms such as “crackpot”) and of course, libel. Society should not allow wikipedia to do this. ”

‘Proofs’ of loony theories which are concocted by the perpetrators themselves are clearly suspect and worthless. If Orwell were alive today, he would be writing a ‘hate blog’. He would still be hating governmental oppression, and the petty little gauleiters which were his target would try to paint him as being the villain. 

“Wikipedia and the hate blog can be sued for libel and defamation on the following grounds:

1) The sites expose the plaintiff to ridicule.
2) The sites wrongfully attack the integrity of the plaintiff.
3) The sites attack the plaintiff’s financial well being in that they aim to make the plaintiff unemployable and aim to prevent funding of the plaintiff’s work.
4) The sites wrongfully and maliciously state that the plaintiff suffers from a mental defect.”

A laughable distortion of reality. If Ron wants to paint himself as being the plaintiff, then there is overwhelming scientific evidence to justify ridicule, to prove a complete lack of scientific integrity and to show that he had already made himself unwelcome in any scientific milieu. As to the question of ‘mental defect’, we are not qualified to judge. We note merely that Ron has admitted to having suffered a mental breakdown and the only evidence of recovery that he can offer is an undated letter. Lay judgement of the matter would certainly be that someone who constantly prattles about the viability of perpetual-motion and antigravity, and who has illegally backed a quack cancer-cure, is one bard short of an eisteddfod.

“The defendant has a defence against libel if he can prove honest opinion, or can prove that he is telling the truth. The opinion by wikipedia is not honest, it is demonstrably false because it uses the term “crackpot”, wrongfully suggesting mental illness. It attacks the integrity of the plaintiff by insinuation, by trying to give the impression that Cartan geometry is incorrect. It attacks the plaintiff’s well being by trying to prevent funding or hiring. The hate blog is de facto defamatory, and anyone who cites this defamation is also defammatory. The hate blog has made threats and that is a criminal offence.”

Opinion does not come into it: if the crackpot encourages research or investment into perpetual-motion or antigravity then he sets himself against the entire scientific community and automatically aligns himself with known fraudsters in those fields. The association of Ron and the AIAS with John Searl is incredibly close. By the way, few people associate ‘crackpot’ with mental illness. ‘Crank’, on the other hand, comes directly from the German word for ‘ill’ and is related to the activities of certain inmates of Bedlam.  Pointing out the nefarious activities of cranks is no more defamatory than saying that Donald Trump lies through his teeth: ‘fact-checkers’ have proved this again and again. We are fact-checkers: disliking the facts will get you nowhere. We note that accusing someone of making threats, if they did not in fact do so, is in itself defamatory.  We shall make a concrete threat below.

“No competent scientist takes any notice of wikipedia when it comes to ECE, or the hate blog. Only a complete and malicious fool would read a hate blog. One could ask why bother to sue them? The answer is that malicious attacks on innocent people can be very damaging. Sueing for libel is very expensive and must be done in High Court. If the plaintiff loses he faces having to pay out expenses unless he has insurance. So it is best to ignore wikipedia as I advised initially, and as Horst advises now, and at the same time post all our items there. If they are all automatically removed by a computer, wikipedia is finished, they can be posted in any number of other places, adn all staff should be doing this all the time in my opinion, in order to increase awareness of ECE and ECE2 from an already very high level. It is part of the work of AIAS / UPTEC. Our sites outpower wikipedia in many ways.”

We in fact do not have a high opinion of Wikipedia, precisely because it mentions cranks at all. Cranks should be completely deprived of the ‘oxygen of publicity’, as Thatcher used to call it. The internet is unfortunately largely in the control of the lunatic fringe: when one tries to obtain medical information, quack sites often appear (like scum on stew) at the top of the list of sites. In the case of YouTube, faked demonstrations of crank inventions overwhelm demonstrations of scientific facts. Wikipedia may as well be run by journalists; it usually does not have the necessary expertise, throws up its hands and includes crank concepts in the guise of being open-minded. As the future promises to be ‘post-truth’, it is now even more imperative to harry the enemies of rationality.

So here is the threat: by the end of the year we aim to thrust Ron, vampire-like, into the glare of public attention. We look forward to his being ‘door-stepped’ by tabloid journalists. Ceredigion County Council and Siemens AG (Munich) will also hopefully be asked awkward questions about some of their employees. Happy New Year, Ron and co-conspiritors.


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