A New Bogus Measure

Keeping Track of Referrals

January 2, 2017

I have begun tracking referrals to www.aias.us from the notorious sites that are now history. I will have a look at them about once a month. The total referrals are three or four million, and increasing rapidly. The Wikipedia ECE site has accumulated 1,447 referrals in about a decade or more, that’s all. There is a left over referrals total of 929 from the defamatory wiki page on myself that I had removed after a fierce battle. ”

You already base your fake ‘scientometrics’ on visits to your rubbish websites, interpret every visit as denoting unquestioning devotion and cream off the 2% which appear to indicate academic interest for special attention. Other loonies alone contact you directly and, when one of us posed as a schoolboy and sent ‘computer simulation results’ that were obviously meaningless because of an incorrect step-size, you posted the entire letter on your blog AND based a whole new crackpot theory on the incompetently conducted simulation!  Really, how do you think that that sort of thing looks to those who have any experience or conception of academic mores? You are insulated of course from common sense by your layer of AIAS loonies and their curious dog-like devotion. And now, searching around for some further scrap of bogus support, you find that ‘referrals’ can be suitably bent (literally) to your purpose. You always fail to explain how all of your supposed followers know that they must never refer to your pseudoscience in print, must never publish (even in any of the teeming loony journals) any work which is inspired by it and generally make as if it never existed. If that is your victory, it comes somewhere behind the Jewish victory at Masada.


“The criminal blog site, a criminal site in common law, has accumulated only 32 referrals in three years of venomous hatred, or reeking, egregious malice in van der Merwe’s eloquent words, together with several death threats catalogued by Michael Jackson. ”

We know of only one ECE-related criminal blog, and that is the one which has links to the conman John Searl and to a quack cancer-cure website. It also claims that the Bessler Wheel was a workable perpetual-motion machine; not to mention backing every ongoing energy-from-nowhere scam. And what a wonderful witness No-Bubbles Jackson would make, given his hilarious performance on the Rancid Rense show. By the way, does he know that his loony ‘ECE explains the human soul’ paper has been quietly removed from the aias.us site. Was it too crazy even for you and your bunch of crazies? Never mind, it can still be found here:


Can anybody sane read that and still consider him to be capable of rational thought. Find a better cataloger Ron.

“There is no statute of limitation on such threats, which carry years in prison. The disgusting defamation of Alwyn van der Merwe by G. ‘t Hooft has been totally ignored for well over a decade, AND ignored by the best in the world. UFT1 – UFT15 are all classics, censored by ‘t Hooft in a pathetic manner. He could not argue with the Cartan geometry, which IS ECE theory, so he censored the geometry. He shared a Nobel Prize, but I have thirty three nominations, the team has ten nominations. The censored papers were refereed about forty or fifty times, every single paper that was published by van der Merwe was refereed two or three times. All of this was covered up by wikipedia, which thinks that the world is an idiot. How does ‘t Hooft dare to unilaterally reject all these referees? The Bruhn site has accumulated 26 referrals in about twelve years. His h index is about 2, mainly as the result of his attacks on ECE. My h index is about forty, but I switched away from that kind of publishing quite deliberately. I have no regrets at all in leaving the academic system which caused my first wife and I such trouble. How can a person like Bruhn be appointed to a university post, with such a low h index? The mathsci site that so venomously attacks geometry as some kind of sub site of wikipedia, has attracted 17 referrals in a decade. I will keep on tracking the referrals to find if they have levelled out, which means that the referring sites are no longer read at all. In any case the standard physics machine is finished, it has ”

What a pity that nobody agrees with your distorted view of reality.  It does not matter how many of your loony friends send nominations off to Father Christmas the Nobel Committee, their opinions will be ignored because … they are loonies. Also, nobody knows about the influence of your work because – you claim – it is all revered in secret. Nobody has a problem with Cartan geometry; only with your incorrect modifications of it. Stop defaming real scientists like t’Hooft and Bruhn; you are not worthy to lick their shoes (tea-making would be too much of a challenge for you).  Keep quiet, and be content with your eminent position in the lunatic fringe.



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