Bigger Wastebasket Required

Nominations Accepted by the Institute of Physics

January 3, 2017

All nominations have been accepted by the Institute of Physics. Six gold and six silver medal nominations for the AIAS / UPITEC team, and six gold and six silver medal nominations for myself as team leader. Many thanks to all concerned!”

This is all so funny; like earthworms proposing another earthworm for Best-of-Breed at Crufft’s. But wait: the RSC has ‘form’ in that it awarded a gong to an unqualified Rumanian dictator (executing her on Christmas Day was such an unexpected present) and later recommended Ron for a Civil List pension. The RS awarded a Hauksbee Medal to the pseudoscientist Penderghastly (Ron’s biographer). So who knows what lunatic decision the IOP might make. Never mind, it is win-win for skepticism: we would hate to see such a miscarriage, but our author-friend (who makes us look like pussy-cats) would lambast the IOP mercilessly in his book. What a selling-point!


2 Responses to “Bigger Wastebasket Required”

  1. amanderj Says:

    Have they “really” been accepted? Or has Ron , as is his wont, taken the absence of rejection as acceptance? One expects the letters to have been put into the “X” file immediately on receipt and not even given the dignity of an acknowledgement. One also hopes the medal rules allow for the non-award in case no proper nomination is considered of sufficient merit: otherwise if there were to be no other nominations (admittedly unlikely) then Ron and his usual suspects would be awarded medals by default.

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