Ronnie the Snowman

The Permanency of ECE Theory

January 2, 2017

It is clear that the personal attacks by wikipedia have failed, the ECE page is no longer of strategic importance, it is out dated and has been ignored by the best in the world for a decade. I have had its defamatory remarks concerning myself removed. My genuine CV is attached (from “Marquis Who’s Who”). Wikipedia has also severely defamed the AIAS / UPITEC team, about half of whom are in “Marquis Who’s Who”. I am making a few attempts to get Wikipedia updated with verifiable facts, mainly to show that it is a crude automated censorship machine, a kind of propagandist rag that has no place in society when it comes to ECE theory, and does not allow facts, only its own incorrect and out dated dogma. ”

One cannot even call Ron a ‘man-of-straw’; he is insufficiently substantial. He is instead a snowman. He and his works will melt away when subjected to the light of proper academic attention. When he finally becomes a real shade of his shady self, Siemens Stain, Sewage and the rest will revert to being nondescript coals, carrot and scarf waiting on the ground for the dustbin of history. Ron should be grateful to Wikipedia for making his existence known at all, given that his ‘scientometrics’ are meaningless and few people in fact know about him. When he does rarely come to public attention, it is as a figure-of-fun. There are no defamatory remarks on Wikipedia; it is too cowardly. Wikipedia makes safe statements based upon universally agreed facts. Ron does not like facts. It is incomprehensible why he still thinks that an entry in Marquis is a good thing: it is now routine for nutters to apply. Searl is in Marquis, ‘Dr’ Bearden is in Marquis … nobody checks the entry qualifications at that vanity publication. According to the TGA, Ron is in lots of other vanity publications but it seems that he now finds them to be too obviously worthless to risk citing them. He need not worry about Wikipedia censoring his amendments; if they do not do it, we certainly shall.

“The AIAS / UPITEC team is getting its ideas out into the world in a spectacularly successful way. We are not part of the academic scene and have our own system of publication and teaching. Most academics have to think in one way, otherwise their funding will be threatened. All pupils and students have to think in one way, otherwise they will fail their exams. However we all know that they study ECE theory avidly. We are immune to those kinds of threats. We have a system of scientometrics far in advance of citation indices and this system is also well known internationally. The standard model is riddled with errors, the ECE wikipedia site is designed to cover up these errors. That is dishonest and it is not Baconian science. The archiving means that there is a permanent, long term, strategic challenge to the entire standard physics machine.”

Correct if, by ‘spectacularly successful, you mean ‘not at all successful’. You are not part of the academic scene for the same reason that Frankenstein’s monster would not get a job at a lap-dancing club: the very idea of your academic acceptance would be laughable, revolting and scary in equal measures. Also, for ‘publication and teaching’, read ‘generally ignored, and disgracefully misleading when noticed at all’. Their funding will be cut for prattling about ECE-explained perpetual-motion and antigravity, will it? Then why don’t they approach one of those rich crackpot-friendly loonies like Bigelow or Firmage? NASA and the UK Government have already thrown money at crackpot projects. Under Trump’s leadership, the US will probably become even more crank-friendly. So that excuse of yours just does not hold water. As for your ‘Baconian science’, try reading his works again (if you ever did) as you obviously did not understand the first time. When do you ever perform confirmatory experiments? When do you ever criticize your own conclusions? The archiving will prove to be a noose or millstone around your neck when future skeptics doubt that such as clown as you really existed.


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