Fun for All of the Family

Entry confirmation for IOP Awards 2017

January 4, 2017

This is a confirmation of the nominations I made on behalf of the AIAS / UPITEC team, a world leading group of scientists. The Isaac Newton Medal is the highest award of the British Institute of Physics, the other six medals are gold medals. If the nominations for gold medals are not successful, they will be rolled forward for silver medals. These are nominations on behalf of avant garde science and engineering, notably the Einstein Cartan Evans unified field theory which has swept the world of physics and engineering (see filtered statistics section of and UFT307). Physics is split into two main schools of thought: the standard model of physics and ECE.”

Readers who are worried/impressed by this confirmation of nomination may like to know that they can go to:

recommend any rubbish candidate (e.g. Michel Maus, with Donal Duwk and Gu Fe as referees), and receive a confirmation which is equally positive and effusive.


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