Antigravity Gyroscopes

367(1): Fluid Dynamic Theory of Gyroscopes

January 4, 2017

The attached notes shows that the well known Euler Equations are fundamentally modified in ECE2 fluid dynamics, and become Eqs. (22). They can be simplified to Eq. (27) with the assumptions (25) and (26) and show that there are new precessional effects in a gyroscope when the angular momentum becomes a vector field of ECE2 fluid dynamics, i.e. when the motion takes place in a fluid spacetime, aether or vacuum. Eq. (27) could be applied to the experimental results recently sent over by Michael Jackson, to attempt to explain the experimental data with this new theory. It is assumed that the data are reproducible and repeatable and there is no reason to doubt it. The standard classical dynamics cannot explain the data. This new theory can be applied to the precessions of the earth or any rigid object such as a symmetric top (see Marion and Thornton pp. 388 ff., third edition).”

One of the persistent delusions extant in the lunatic fringe is that ‘gyroscopes’ (they are usually only monogimballed spinning-tops) do not obey Newton’s third law. Loonies are hypnotized and confused by the observation that a top does not fall off its little tower, and that a held spinning-top does not exert any moment about the wrist (thus making it feel lighter).  Ron is now clearly buying-in to that delusion (certainly the first civil-list science pensioner ever to do so) and is digging himself even deeper into a pseudoscientific hole.  There is every reason to doubt ‘the data sent over by Michael Jackson’ given that No-Bubbles is clearly not playing with a full deck, and that the ‘data’ were produced by nutters such as the incompetent engineer Eric Laithwaite and his creature, Sandy Kidd. As for Ron’s explanation of non-existent spinning-top behaviour: crackpot, crackpot,  crackpot, crackpot, crackpot, crackpot,  crackpot,  crackpot,  crackpot,  crackpot …


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