No Interest in the wiki site

January 5, 2017

The referrals analysis has shown no interest at all for a number of years in the wiki site that grossly defames ECE and myself. It contains words such as “crackpot” so is automatically and grossly defamatory. It insults Crown and Parliament because I am a Civil List Pensioner and an Armiger. It has been rebutted scientifically ad nauseam so I suggest that we forget about it. Only the most bitter of bigots would read such venom. In the meantime interest in our combined sites increased spectacularly in 2016 ( and Wikipedia was a vicious attempt at character assassination. This rebounded and seriously undermines wikipedia’s academic standing. Most universities advise students not to use it. They prefer course books and quality textbooks.”

Anybody capable of logical and objective thought might instead reason that any lack of referrals is due entirely to a lack of interest in you or your works. A word is defamatory only if it is unfairly and unkindly applied, but ‘crackpot’ is clearly the most accurate and apposite term here to describe someone who holds eccentric ideas which are rejected and ridiculed by the rest of society. If a knight or a lord commits a crime, and is rightly called a ‘criminal’, it is not the person who uses that word who insults ‘crown and parliament’ but rather – and quite obviously – it is the felon himself who has done so. Similarly, if someone is awarded a Civil List pension, supposedly for services to science, it is he who insults crown and parliament by publicly pursuing pseudosciences such as perpetual-motion and antigravity. Lordships and knighthoods have been removed for misdeeds. If a Civil List pension has never been removed for misbehaviour, it is only because crown and parliament do not really care about science and cannot recognize pseudoscience for themselves. It is therefore doubly important that the word ‘crackpot’ should be applied to you at every opportunity in order to alert them to the fact that the pension needs to be removed for the first time. As for the title of ‘armiger’, do you not agree that the title has been seriously devalued by the discovery that Danny Dyer, an actor who celebrates thuggish attitudes, is directly descended from a king (generally celebrated for their thuggish behaviour). Mr Dyer shows no sign of applying for armorial bearings but, if he did, would you still value your own? You are never boorish or aggressive … oops!


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