Cart Before the Horse

“In this case the precession frequency of classical dynamics is changed in fluid dynamics to Eq. (25), which may be modelled using fluid dynamical flow theories and gnuplot. The precession frequency of the Earth is changed, and this is important in climatology. In general the motion is far richer in structure than in classical dynamics. The precessional frequencies of a molecular symmetric top are also changed, and this affects rotational spectra in the far infra red.”

Do you actually read what you are writing, you clown? Theory is just a way of linking experimental data; it does not dictate fact. So it does not matter what your crackpot theory predicts for the precession frequency of the Earth, we already know what that rate is (even the pseudoscience of astrology confirms it). If your loony calculations give a different frequency, then those calculations are self-evidently wrong and the theory is clearly wrong (surprise surprise). The same goes for molecular effects: you cannot simply invent new infra-red spectra.


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