Comparisons are Odious

Comparison with Shipov

January 8, 2017

I remember looking at the Shipov paper about twelve years ago, and will have another look at it and compare the Shipov theory with ECE theory. Some years ago I interpreted these non local effects as Aharonov Bohm effects (earliest papers of the UFT theory) and you have developed that line of thought in the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers and other papers. It will be very interesting to have another look at the problem in the light of experience. I will probably get around to this tomorrow.

It is indeed interesting to compare you with Shipov, because he ‘went peculiar’ at about the same time that you did. Interestingly enough, he started out like a mirror-image of Tugboat Cheshire but left the sea, and actually bothered to obtain some qualifications before prattling about physics. Since becoming a full-time crackpot, he has written papers such as: 

Descartesian Mechanics – Fourth Generalization of Newton’s Mechanics,   Torsion Field as a Source of Scalar (Longitudal) Electromagnetic Fields in Vacuum Electrodynamics, Experimental Preconditions for a Change of the Scientific Paradigm, Torsion Methods in Metallurgy, Consciousness and Contemporary Science, Propulsion Systems in Russia and Abroad, Electro Torsion Generators in Russia and Abroad, Psychophysical Phenomena and Descartesian Mechanics, Ufos Move According with the Laws, Described in Descartesian Mechanics, Anomalous Physics and Torsion Fields, New Scientific Paradigm and Torsion Fields, Experimental Detection of Scalar Electromagnetic Field, Quarter of a Century Fight for New Propulsion System, About True Reason to Establish a Committee to Fight with Pseudoscience, Anomalous Physics, Potential Billionaires of Russia, 4d Gyroscope in Descartesian Mechanics, Drama of the Creators of Advanced Science and Technologies in the Modern World New, Physical Vacuum, Torsion Fields, Quantum Mechanics and Tesla’s Experiments, Hot News From Russia!, Russian Scientific Academy Commission Works Against Russia and Her People!, Torsion Nature of Quantum Mechanics, Intellectual Tyranny of Ran’s Academicians and 3d Academician E.B.Alexandrov, Textbooks  on Classical Mechanics Should Be Rewritten, Warpdrive of Alqubierre and Tolchin, Gennady Shipov and Andrei Sidorov, Space Propulsion,  Tesla Electrodynamics in the Theory of Physical Vacuum, Quantum Mechanics as Dynamics of Field Gyroscopes, Ailing Science, Space Warp by Brown’s Propulsion System, Violation of the First Law of Newton’s Mechanics During Motion of a Free 3-D Gyroscope, Spin-Torsion Formulation for Quantum Mechanics and Inertial Field, Why is it Necessary to Rewrite the Textbooks on Classical Electrodynamics, Scalar Radiation in Vacuum Electrodynamics. Theory and Experiment, Spin-Torsion Fields and Technologies, On Spin-Torsion Fields in the Dirac-Takabayashi Equations, Equations of Motion for Spin and Torsion Fields, Torsion Fields in Classical Mechanics. Rotational Relativity, On the Dependence of the Mass on the Angular Velocity in Classical Mechanics, Torsion Fields in Classical Mechanics. Rotational Relativity, Geometrical and Phenomenological Torsions in Relativistic Physics, New Scientific Paradigm. Absolute Parallelism Geometry, Ricci and Cartan Torsions, Ricci Torsion and Np Formalism, A4 Geometry as a Group Manifold. Killing-Cartan Metric, a History of Appearance of Cartan Torsion in the Differential Geometry,  of a Four-Dimensional Gyroscope,  Dark Energy in the Theory of Physical Vacuum, Meeting with Einstein, Experimental Detection of a Scalar Electromagnetic Field, Physical Vacuum, An Exotic Matter and a Warp Drive, Violation of the First Law of Newton’s Mechanics During Motion of a Free 3-D Gyroscope, Forbidden Science, Antigravity Probe M.

One spots some familiar loony themes there, such as flying-saucers, the paranormal and scalar waves (‘Dr’ Bearden’s [ex AIAS] bag*). The layman can cut through all of this fruit-loop noise simply by recalling that anyone who praises Tesla, believes that gyroscopes do not obey Newtonian dynamics or who espouses ‘torsion physics’ is automatically a crackpot. Torsion is Shipov’s ‘big thing’:

*He claims that the Yakusa uses them to control the weather


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