Gyroscopic Note

Remarks by Co President Gareth Evans

January 10, 2017

I agree that the standard model misses a large amount of physics, and is “not even wrong” as Pauli put it. This remark by Pauli meant that the bad parts of the standard model cannot be tested experimentally, and there are far too many adjustable variables. The standard model is also plagued by intolerant and hostile and mindless dogmatists, a sure sign of complete intellectual failure. Pauli was a Ph. D. student of Arnold Sommerfeld in the University of Muenich during the golden age of physics. Pauli received a Nobel Prize, but Sommerfeld did not, despite being nominated eight five times. Sommerfeld supervised many Nobel Laureates as students or post docs.”

Sommerfeld also co-authored (with Felix Klein) an encyclopedic 4-volume tome on gyroscopic theory. Nowhere does it mention that gyroscopes can levitate or propel themselves through outer space. What do you think that Sommerfeld would make of you bunch of clowns … apart from minced meat


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