MBA … Not

Marketing “Principles of ECE”

January 10, 2017

This may be useful – is anyone in the team interested in it? In my opinion combined sites are completely out powering anything that a bookseller can do and will do so for the foreseeable future. The books (hardback by and softback by New Generation) were printed off in the manner of a Thesis, and are available print on demand. However if anyone wishes this kind of marketing to go ahead please let me know. We are running at two million hits a year, so over the next twenty years will generate forty million hits in up to 182 countries. The quality of the readership cannot be better – the best in the world.”

Perhaps you should discuss your lunatic ‘business model’ with Bannister, the Dismal Scientist. Giving a book away for free, and then paying a vanity-publisher to produce it, just does not make any sort of economic sense. So paying even more to market a book which nobody really wants piles folly on folly. All of this even without taking account of the fact that the contents are rubbish. The entire operation reeks of sloppiness: did nobody notice, even after all of our hints, the spelling mistakes? What exactly is the ‘elecrostatics’ which features so prominently in chapter 3?


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