Public Dick Also Now on Board

Video of Laithwaite’s Demonstration

January 10, 2017

Many thanks to Steve Crothers! This is such a simple experiment that anyone could replicate it at home, with a small model, or outside with a larger device. The video was made at Imperial College Studio. This is a counter gravitational force and there is no counterbalancing lateral centrifugal force as Laithwaite points out. This force does not exist in standard classical dynamics, but everyone can see that such a device will throw itself two hundred feet in the air. We will now look for an explanation within ECE2 theory.”

Using Laithwaite’s dishonest experiments (which the Royal Institution refused, for the first time ever, to acknowledge in its records) to support Laithwaite is the same as using your own rubbish output to support you.  Have you already forgotten this independent replication of the Laithwaite trick?


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