Re-Inventing the (Spinning) Wheel

Mathematical Analysis

January 10, 2017

I will set up the equations now, so they can be solved in order to try to find a lifting force. A spinning top obviously does not lift itself off the ground. In Section 10.10 of the third edition of Marion and Thornton, “Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems”, the motion is considered of a symmetric top in a gravitational field with one point fixed. This is a well defined spinning top or gyroscope. The lagrangian method is used, and the potential energy is denoted MGhcos theta. This problem was first considered by Lagrange in “Mecanique Analytique”, and obviously not by Newton. This is a good baseline calculation which can be extended with fluid dynamics. In the spinning top there is a counter gravitational torque acting in a direction opposite to the gravitational torque of the earth, otherwise the spinning top would fall over. However, the point of the top does not lift itself off the ground in classical dynamics. In ECE2 fluid dynamics there are many more torques present. This analysis should be applied carefully to both the Shipov and Laithwaite experiments after setting up and solving the equations, a highly non trivial task. The most general equation set must be solved numerically to look for a counter gravitational force. This is what the learned gentlemen at the Royal Institution should have done.

What an utter fool you are! You have an elementary (but adequate) analysis of top-motion in front of you … and you still do not understand the physics. The motion is described ultimately by Euler’s equations, and those equations are predicated on Newton’s Third Law (and in turn on the First Law of Thermodynamics). This means that the prediction of any sort of nett reactionless movement is just like ending up with the conclusion that 1 = 0; any sane person knows that he has made a mistake somewhere. But again, thank you for all of this gyroscopic nonsense, you have outed your entire gang as being pseudoscientists in the eyes of any ‘bright schoolboy’. Explaining the defects in your tensor analysis, for the benefit of laymen, would have been quite a task but the average boss at Siemens and Ceredigion County Council will now immediately be able to gauge the scientific calibre of his employees. To be fair, the suicidal foolhardiness, profession-wise, of Siemens Stain and Sewage is almost heroic, even if they can soon both escape into retirement.


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