The Drivel-Fest Continues

Counter Gravitation within Classical Gyroscope Dynamics

January 10, 2017

It looks to me as if counter gravitation in a gyroscope is possible within classical dynamics, but in general the theory must be fluid dynamics in which L is a vector field, depending on r(t) as well as t. The basic idea is that spacetime itself is considered to be a fluid (see UFT366, “ECE2: The Second Paradigm Shift”, a preprint of my part, the final version will have contributions from all four authors). Everyday experience shows that a spinning top does not lift off the ground, its point remains fixed in one place. ”

Oh, this is too good to be true: a person in receipt of a Civil List pension, supposedly for services to science, is prattling about his belief in one of the classic loony-tune delusions. The time cannot be far off when the relevant powers-that-be finally realize what an embarrassment Ron is to UK science.

“However, Laithwaite has demonstrated that a wheel spun on an axis, and held horizontally above the earth’s surface, produces lift. ”

He did no such thing: he demonstrated a well-known effect called ‘hurrying-on the precession’ but, unlike previous demonstrators and with his being a career loony-tune, he lied through his teeth about what was happening.

“Surely this must have been of interest to engineers over the years. Perhaps the terrible treatment of Laithwaite frightened people into silence. People are very easily frightened.”

Mechanical engineers know exactly what is going on, and it is of no fundamental interest. Electrical engineers, on the other hand, are notoriously flaky and often claim that something spooky is going on. They need corrective physics lessons.

“Laithwaite is most famous for his magnetic levitation (maglev) rail system, now commercialized in China, Japan and Korea, but not in Britain. As usual Britain lost out completely because its government and senior scientists are far too conservative. In Victorian times in contrast, Britain was the world leader and started the industrial revolution with many exciting innovations such as those of Ttevithick, Faraday and Brunel. Our contemporary dogmatism led to the terrible disaster of wind turbines, which Brunel would have laughed at.”

Laithwaite, like many another British engineer took credit for things that he did not invent. The linear induction motor was invented by Wheatstone and a French-designed Maglev-type railway was already being demonstrated in Manchester when Laithwaite was six years old. He was taken to see it. Laithwaite pushed the UK government to back a basically unworkable Maglev system, largely because he had no mathematics other than dimensional analysis, preferred hand-waving argumentation and avoided detailed experimentation.


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